back to article Intel insists Mac Mini HDMI fix inbound

Intel says it has addressed the Mac Mini flickering HDMI issue and informed those affected that Apple will configure a firmware fix having now been provided with amended drivers. A growing number of owners have complained of poor colours, snow-like interference and display blackouts when connecting a Mac Mini to an external …


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  1. Adam 1


    You're watching it wrong.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: nope

      Did you not read the article? this is Intel's fault not Apple.

      If your Nvidia drivers are acting up do you blame Microsoft? nope.

      1. SteveK

        Re: nope

        "If your Nvidia drivers are acting up do you blame Microsoft? nope."

        Yes, if I'm using the Microsoft-certified drivers as installed by default and never-updated-again...

        Although personally I don't ever knowingly or willingly do so.

      2. DrXym Silver badge

        Re: nope

        "If your Nvidia drivers are acting up do you blame Microsoft? nope."

        I'd blame Microsoft if it was a Microsoft branded box, designed by Microsoft, running a Microsoft branded operating system, built to Microsoft's spec and sold through their own store.

      3. Pete B

        Re: nope

        This *is* Apple's problem since they supply the machine; the lack of choice in Apple products is supposed to stop this sort of problem happening.Apple chose which chipset to use, so their problem.

        1. theblackhand

          Re: nope

          The lack of choice won't stop this sort of thing happening - it's a third party driver issue.

          The problem for Apple is how quickly they can test and integrate the fix.

          If it takes a week, I'd say well done and minimal harm done.

          If it takes a month, I'd say please try to do better in future.

          If it takes longer.... Well....

          If it's anything like their network driver issues (WLAN or LAN), will they even acknowledge the problem?

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Re: nope

            Given the restricted hardware and all the stages of product testing a driver issue should have been picked up before it was signed off as being fit for shipping - no excuses.

          2. JEDIDIAH

            Re: nope

            No. The problem for Apple is how do they stop this sort of thing from happening again.

            This is an Apple QA failure and there's really no way to whitewash it.

            If the shoe were on the other foot, you would be screaming bloody murder and declaring how an Apple curated solution would avoid such nonsense.

            1. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward

              Re: nope

              Surely it's an Intel QA failure as it did not just affect Apple kit?

      4. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: nope

        Some people are so blinded by hatred for Apple they are happy to look completely ignorant by making comments that prove they have not even read the article. Next it could be 'Apple donates $10bn to various charities' and they would still go 'yeah but my Android does this and Apple suck big time'...

      5. Eddy Ito

        Re: nope

        "If your Nvidia drivers are acting up do you blame Microsoft?"

        It depends on who provides what. If your iPhone 4S touchscreen is acting up do you blame TI? nope.

    2. Adam 1

      Re: nope

      Lighten up. It is clearly a nod to antenna gate, where user behaviour was blamed for product flaws.

      But in answer to your question, I would blame Toyota for a factory recall on a fuel hose issue even though I know Toyota doesn't personally make every little component in house.

      I really wish my customer's were as forgiving to me as you are to Apple.

  2. mANgLEr

    snow-like interference

    Surely a seasonal feature?

  3. Dan Paul

    Not Intels fault this time!

    Intel has already fixed this issue for Windows and Linux users of their HD4000 integrated graphic chipsets.

    However, Apple can't or won't use bone stock Intel drivers, no that would be too easy. They have to be "Special" and that leaves their users without a fix until Apple can modify chipset drivers that should not have to be changed.

    Intel should just tell Apple the same thing Apple tells anyone who writes software for their equipment.

    "If you want to use our stuff, you have to do it our way."

    On the other hand, Intel Integrated graphics is and always has been a joke. You can get better graphics performance from NVIDIA integrated graphics for less money, perhaps this is the reason why Intel has no swing with Apple.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not Intels fault this time!

      Guess what Apple do not use Windows or Linux.

      I'm guessing Intel are happy to work with Apple on this since Apple are probably about (if not) their largest customer now considering the popularity of the iMac, Macbooks and Mac Minis which are all Intel powered - unless they would prefer them to look at more Arm processors?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not Intels fault this time!

      Integrated graphics is fine for (almost certainly) the vast majority of users and the HD4000 is significantly faster than the HD3000. The HD3000 would already drive a 2560x1440 screen - sure it's not a serious gaming card but I have a friend who will happy install 2 x £300+ cards in their gaming rigs to get max FPS but it's quite a niche end of the market.

    3. mevets Bronze badge
      Big Brother

      Re: Not Intels fault this time!

      I am certain intel would love to do that, especially given Apple’s history of kindly forgiving vendors who ship shit to them. If it weren’t for the miserable performance of every other PC manufacturer, I’m sure intel would be using its classic vendor support - you are on your own.

      An implied pressure to intel comes from ARM, and that people are whispering about ARM Macs, which have doubtlessly been produced in evaluation samples - that is what product research does, after all. Apple went from 65xx, 680x0, PPCn, to x86; to think that x86 is the last stop is foolish. At least the last two transitions were due to supplier fuck up.

      [big brother, for the next set of ads ]

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I use a $6 miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter for my ludicrously cheap Dell 24" eIPS display.

    It'll be a great fix for the mini users who output via hdmi, but it's probably [speculation] something wrong with the crypto with the hdcp over hdmi handshake - hence at the root of it:


  5. Eradicate all BB entrants

    I just wish ....

    .... Intel and all publications everywhere would stop referring to the Intel HD series as graphics chips, they aren't, they are simply display processors.

    1. Steve I

      Re: I just wish ....

      "...stop referring to the Intel HD series as graphics chips, they aren't, they are simply display processors."

      Is that like " Stop calling the shop down the road a timber merchant - it's just a place that sells wood."

    2. Steve I

      Re: I just wish ....

      what's the difference?

  6. Robert Grant Silver badge

    Anti-Apple? Yeah, right!

    I bet significant amounts of cash that if this were a non-Apple product that El Reg would be all over the fact that it's a device assembled, tested, branded and supplied by one manufacturer, with an inflammatory headline to boot.

  7. Earl Jones Of Potatoes

    anti-apple irrationality

    obviously someone has made a video which touches on this subject quite brilliantly.

    it does reflect the usual comments we see in here

  8. beast666


    Recently built one with an Ivy Bridge i5 with HD4000 graphics. Thought it would be somewhat *less* painful using the Intel gfx. What a mistake. Refusing to boot, bizzare UEFI nonsense going on. Sleep didn't work at all.

    Popped in a fairly old Nvidia card and the bloody thing just worked *perfectly* and with obviously more performance.

    Bloody Intel. Where can I claim 48 hrs of my life back?

  9. Dan Paul

    Seriously, 4 downvotes for speaking the truth???

    I think we need to look at IP addresses to lower the number of downvotes coming from the same IP but different handles.

    4 downvotes for speaking the truth? Sounds like an Apple fanboi to me.


    Beast666, I just built an Ivy Bridge i5 -3570-K system on an Asus P8Z77-V board (with built in Intel graphics) but I already knew that Intel sucks & I got a decent EVGA Geforce 650TI and this thing just screams.

    Only problem is that it has issues with starting up again shortly after it has been shutdown. Maybe it's chipset driver problem when the graphics in enabled?

  10. Andy E

    This is an Apple problem!

    Apple are responsable for the product that gets shipped out of the door regardless of what 3rd party components or services they use to build the final product. As others have said it is a failure of Apple's QA department or the fact that QA were over ruled and the product was shipped. Either way it is an Apple fault.

  11. Wang N Staines

    just works


  12. Tapeador

    "One disgruntled owner told Reg Hardware that the company re-"captured" his Mac Mini weeks ago to asses the issue and only recently replaced it, doing so with a model that packs a slower processor and basic-level hard drive. He wasn't too chuffed to say the least."

    Your contract with the retailer is for the goods you ordered; a replacement should be of equivalent or greater specification. The goods in this circumstance are effectively undelivered - the retailer has unilaterally varied a term of the contract. Whether that's a lesser or vital term depends on the response of the other party: if you don't protest, you can be deemed to have affirmed the variation in the contract and waived your rights. You can protest through any durable medium, well, any medium actually, although any electronic text e.g. twitter, facebook PM, counts as durable, which is important should it go to small claims.

    Remember always to buy these things on a credit card, as if the retailer fails to fulfil their obligations under the Sale of Goods Act, then the credit card provider is liable to you for purchases over £100, under S75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

    I realise this is all common sense. Having begun a law degree I feel less able than ever before to make clear assertions about the law :-/

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "One disgruntled owner told Reg Hardware that the company re-"captured" his Mac Mini weeks ago to asses the issue and only recently replaced it, doing so with a model that packs a slower processor and basic-level hard drive. He wasn't too chuffed to say the least."

    That just sounds like steaming BS - the fact is Apple support is typically about the best and I just cannot imagine them trying to permanently downgrade someone. If they wanted hardware back most likely they would just replace it with the same model. If they gave him an older / different model most likely it was temporary until the newer ones were fixed.

    You would have to be amazingly easy going to even accept that from anyone - let alone Apple.

  14. northernheckler

    Didn't realise it was a fault 'til they fixed it

    Just updated the firmware on my Mac Mini. I bought it to replace my aging PC which I've used with a HD TV - a very cheap TV with a Samsung panel on a Technika badged set - this is a Tesco own brand (for US readers Tesco is UK No, 1 supermarket chain - ahead of Asda-Walmart - so it's a cheapo).

    When I upgraded to Win 7 (about the time I got the TV) I had to upgrade the graphics card - it worked fine but was clearly pushing the old PC to it's limits, and occasionally I'd get a blackout - the screen would flicker, and Pfft ! Crashed PC - very annoying - usually happened about once every two days - but sometimes 3 or 4 times a night.

    So - bought me a Mac Mini - same TV - same great pics. Unfortunately same flicker on the screen - Monitor blacks out - but no crash - Mac Mini just keeps going, and display comes back a few seconds later.

    After all this time I thought - the problem wasn't the PC - it was the TV !

    Wrong again - tonight I get a number one showing up on my App Sore icon, and download the solution - I hope !

    It is a bit of a coincidence that it seems SO much like the PC problem thoiugh

    Fingers crossed !

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