back to article Antivirus biz's founder unmasked as noted Chinese hacker

Antivirus startup Anvisoft was founded by an infamous Chinese hacker who allegedly cut his teeth exploiting Microsoft Office security holes to hack US defence contractors, it has emerged. Investigative journalist Brian Krebs uncovered evidence - largely based on historic domain records for Anvisoft and reports compiled by …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Could be worse ...

    A bank robber creating a bank

    1. Ilgaz

      Re: Could be worse ...

      For bank security design,a bank robber as a consultant who is really paid well makes sense.

  2. James Wright

    Fessed up straight away

    Some mitigation there I suppose.

  3. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Antimalware needs to understand malware.

    So who better than a malware writer?

    I'll think carefully before installing their stuff, though.

  4. Arachnoid

    Lets see we have [ex] thief's advising on home security yet we are all up in arms over an [ex] hacker producing a security product..........hmmm

    1. Stoneshop Silver badge

      Burglar advice on home security

      That's not uncommon. And it's usually in the form of having the burglar pinpointing weak spots (and how exactly those spots are weak), which are then mitigated by the manufacturer(s) of the actual stuff.

      1. Ilgaz

        Re: Burglar advice on home security

        I saw some interviews with anonymous burglars and I save a lot of electricity. How? Guy rightfully says thieves aren't stupid and homes with lights on at 4am for security (!) take extra attention.

        Those "look, we have alarm" knight rider type blinking alarms makes sure you own expensive stuff enough to purchase alarm and brand& model can be understood from colour tone& speed. An ideal alarm is never known to exist until cops arrive. Aka silent alarm.

    2. pixl97

      McAfee's not too bad...

      Unless your a computer or his neighbor.

  5. b166er

    Is it open source?

  6. Robert Grant Silver badge

    Some joke about Norton being slow?

    Errr...they have similar skills, including popping up stuff annoyingly and making my PC run like treacle?

    Something like that?

  7. Nifty Silver badge

    not all other AV company bosses are free from controversy either....

    Russia's Top Cyber Sleuth Foils US Spies, Helps Kremlin Pals - Wired

    ( Kaspersky did mount a robust response... but makes you think.. )

  8. Arachnoid

    and we have an ex KGB officer as leader of one of the top nuclear nations.......

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      And the US had an ex CIA head as president. So what's your point?

  9. Arachnoid

    Yea but we`re the good guys [roll eyes]

  10. Boris S.

    Gee, what a surprise... or not

    I would imagine that there are numerous A/V experts who are white hats by day and black hats by night - often for profit. You'd be naive to not expect this. That is why you always need to have other people watching staff to weed out the bad apples, especially those who are involved in criminal activities.

  11. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    In other news...

    ...leading investigative reporter, Brian Krebs is identified as having previously been an arch villain, has a penchant for extinct volcanoes and a catchphrase of "we will met again....meester Bond!"

  12. Ilgaz

    Not happy with Chinese? Cough some money

    Clam engine can get some brains&$$$ to be ported to Android. Support it instead of using media channels because on Android, free wins and nobody gives a shit as long as it does the job.

    Check number one launcher on play store.

  13. David Strum

    Bawoni Oremi Antivirus

    I think Kaspersky is inherently a dodgy company name: I just don’t like the Russian hue to it. Its like calling a security product, Nigerian Internet Security suite. . . don’t like it. Bawoni Oremi Antivirus – ha!

  14. Nifty Silver badge

    It doesn't stop...

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