back to article Take the heat from data centres’ PUE pitch

Data centre openings have become a dime a dozen of late, nearly always featuring (here in Australia at least) a suit from the operator talking up the new facility’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating as a compelling reason to move your kit within its walls. PUE measures the amount of energy that goes into the building and …


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  1. slightly-pedantic

    PUE can be less than 1

    There's plenty of room to improve PUE more. Iceotope, a new technology company based in Sheffield, is offering liquid cooled kit which means that the heat is extracted without active cooling and, as you get to drop the fans from each blade, the PUE is (at least in one interpretation of that number) ends up being less than 1.

    1. nullacritter

      Re: PUE can be less than 1

      PUE less than 1?

      Why, you could sell power back to the grid!!

      The term PUE I'm afraid is thrown about with the Uptime scam / cartel's tier ratings, that is, handy to talk to CEO's and PHB's over golf, but actually useless unless the measurements are quantified.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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