back to article Cutbacks hit CSIRO wireless unit

One of the CSIRO’s most successful research units – at least measured by the royalties it generates – is being slimmed down, according to the CSIRO Staff Association. The union has called the job cuts “baffling” given the value of wireless research to the scientific body. Through a series of long-running lawsuits with vendors …


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  1. Combat Wombat

    Not shocked...

    Australia has a long and established history of killing the science goose, because they are generally short sighted and stupid.

    Modern wireless tech was designed despite government involvement, not because of it.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Not shocked...

      What? We are more technically advanced than the Merikens.

      We are the FATTEST nation on earth.

      We have more psycho petty burearocratic tyrants at every tier of gummit, from the community volunteer sector, to the propera gummit.

      We waste more resources, fuel and have more pollution than anything - and we are smart enough to ship it all over seas for pennies, poison their air with the coal and shit, and buy it back for squillions, and we do far more drugs than the Merikens....

      We have no future at all....

      Our scientists have just discovered hydrogen goes down at the south pole, where on the north pole it goes up.

      What is not to be proud of?

  2. Goat Jam

    While they have the red pen out

    Perhaps some cutbacks in their Dept Of Climate Panic Propaganda may be worth considering.

  3. Jon B

    Self Funding?

    Shouldn't CSIRO be self funding now anyway, after it' recent big patent wins?

  4. John Angelico
    Big Brother

    Could this be related to the unrelated ... over at the NBN Co, which is anti-wireless? Or at least, competing with wireless.

    Just thinkin' out loud...

  5. Rod Ramrod

    NBN anti-wireless?

    ho! as soon as they won their funding and got power they quickly turned tail like a dog and went back to slow wireless for the bulk of the nation and only fibre for the city centres. And even then they will quickly turn turd mongers and drop people from wireless towers and just give them slowest of slow satellite.

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