back to article Cloud-building Fedora 18 goes into beta

The Fedora Project is kicking out the first and only beta of its Fedora 18 release of Linux, and this time around the focus is on cloud, cloud, cloud. Fedora 18 is code-named "Spherical Cow" but it might as well have been called "Cow-Shaped Cloud Wearing A Red Hat", since arguably the most important aspects of the release are …


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  1. paulm

    Might have to try it again...

    The last time I tried the updated installer (in an alpha form) it wasn't particularly usable on my netbook. It was painfully slow (I'm willing to let that slide and blame the netbook), but some screens (package selection for instance) didn't size to fit the screen at all, with critical controls inaccessible off the edge of the display.

    I like Fedora - it's my Linux of choice - apart from on said netbook, which now runs Mint instead.

  2. Bill Neal

    My only question is...

    Will RHEL adopt the new Gnome? I guess it isn't that absurd considering what Windows 8 is doing.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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