back to article Melbourne IT looks to offload business units

Battling disappointing trading results, Australian domain name custodian Melbourne IT is seeking buyers for some of its ailing business units. The hosting house has also weathered a tough year on the security front, enduring a Privacy Commission investigation, following a hacking attack from Anonymous in August that targeted …


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  1. Neoc

    "Battling disappointing trading results"...

    Let's see why...

    I just recently had my domains re-register automatically, so <digs into site management> they cost me AUD14 (USD15, EUR11) a year per domain for a .COM or .ORG domain name via an oversea registrar (you can probably get cheaper).

    Looking at Melbourne IT, a .COM or .ORG is a staggering AUD76 (USD79, EUR61) per year, while a .COM.AU is AUD140 (USD146, EUR113) for two years (you can't change that) and a .ORG.AU is AUD44 (USD46, EUR35) for two years.

    So unless I had a need of a .COM.AU rather than a .COM, why would I bother paying 4 times *more* for the same product?

    All prices were rounded down for ease's sake.

    1. Mayday
      Thumb Down

      Re: "Battling disappointing trading results"...

      The Australia TAX...

      Just like buying the same car in AU as opposed to USA/EU/Elsewhere?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Run away screaming

    MelbIT is 6+ times more expensive than most other providers for all of their products, but they are the incumbent just like Telstra so people keep using them. $125/2 years for a domain is simply unreasonable when wholesale price is $18ish.

    Any time someone turns up with a domain or hosting with them, we show them the massive difference in their pricing that brings no appreciable benefit, and move them off ASAP.

    They have never adjusted to the fact that they are now in competition instead of being the only provider, and are simply continuing to price themselves out of the market. Just go under already.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    > They have never adjusted to the fact that they are now in competition

    Though that's true for much of australian retail.

    Clark's school shoes anyone? Yours for a mere $114 AUD...

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