back to article FCC: Let Dish deploy 4G? Imagine a $1bn pile of cash ... ON FIRE

Letting Dish roll out LTE into its satellite frequencies will obliterate the value of neighbouring radio spectrum that the US government hopes to sell for billions, said the FCC. FCC rep Justin Cole told Bloomberg that allowing Dish to deploy 4G would "take a public asset potentially worth billions of dollars and turn it into …


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  1. Fatman

    RE: permission to deploy devices using those bands without any satellite capability

    IIRC, isn't that what Lightsquared proposed?

    And didn't their (Lightsquared's) proposal get essentially shot down due to GPS interference issues?

    Now Dish want to offer LTE in a band reserved for satellite uses? Isn't that more of the same nonsense?

    Hey FCC, shoot that bird down! (sorry, but I couldn't resist the pun).

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another level of useless government crap

    Please refer to the article below.

    This is the best part of the article

    "The fact is a 16-year old with a smart phone has more advanced communications capability than a police officer," Kelly said

    Even if this was a good idea ten years ago, and I am not saying it was, technology has passed it by.

    I am sure if DISH donates enough money to the right politicians they will be able to deploy 4G.

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