1. Shane McCarrick

    Nexus 7 - Price Gouging

    Just noticed Tesco Ireland have upped the price of the 16Gb (yes, the 16Gb) Nexus 7 to Euro 279 per unit.

    The recommended retail price of the 32Gb is 249- and its at 239 (but out of stock) in Dixons/Currys/PC World.

    The 16Gb has a recommended retail price of Euro 199.

    Total price gouging by Tesco..... wonder will Google take them to task?

    1. Zaphod.Beeblebrox

      Re: Nexus 7 - Price Gouging

      Not sure why they would - it is only a recommended / suggested price after all. If it can be sold for more because the market is such that there is sufficient demand, then more power to them. If not, and all their tablets go unsold because people ar ebuying them elsewhere then they fail and have to reduce their price. Basic economics.

  2. Bob726

    It's surprising, really, as most of the market for such devices are already online and can find better deals so readily.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What the market will bear

    Google cannot mandate what Tesco charges - and nor will it try. If Tesco gets its calculations wrong - people won't buy and you can look forward to a stock clearance sale.

  4. Bob726

    This is an example of why I don't rush out to be first in line to buy the latest gadgets. You generally do better waiting at least a month or two.

  5. Tweetiepooh

    Maybe it's simply a way of later selling at the "normal" price but ticketing as n% off previously sold at £xxx and meaning it.

  6. Business Listening

    Simple case of taking advantage of the situation...

  7. Business Listening

    Looks like someone's taking undue advantage of the situation

  8. badra100

    The Nexus 7 is actually very good. I got it for my cousin a while ago and he agreed. The cheapest place to buy one in the UK is at Argos (£149.99):

  9. Lionel Baden

    Just got a nexus7 32GB for £200 at staples

    I had reserved at argos went in to go get it, and they let me know it was reserved at the warehouse and wouldn't be delivered to store for several days. :/ Sure they had stock ..........

  10. incredibleairplaneparty

    It is on sale at $249 for 16gb in Korea now....

  11. David-Nex

    Found nexus 7 16 GB for 130 at ebay. Seller is Nextonly. Anybody intrested in owing an second hand product???

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