back to article Phone with Facebook hardware button lobbed out by Nokia

Nokia's latest Series 40 blower, a dual-SIM model aimed at developing markets, has a Facebook button, the first device from the Finns to feature such an innovation. Handset, in pink It's not only in pink, but pink is prettiest The button on the front of the Asha 205 triggers the Facebook app, providing instant access to …


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  1. Justice
    Paris Hilton

    What about the other features?

    Does this model not have an exclusive Instagram 'duck face' enhancer?

    1. Shagbag

      " feature such an innovation"

      I agree. A dedicated, Facebook button is the type of innovation I've long been looking for. I'm surprised Microsoft have missed this trick with their 'Surface'. Had they the foresight to see the exponential profit growth that this innovation brings to the consumer space then they wouldn't be seeing their sales figures every time they look down the swanny after they've dumped.

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  3. Lee Dowling Silver badge


    "The new handset also has a bump-to-send feature, called Slam, which sends a file to the nearest Bluetooth device on request, a nice feature which should work with any Bluetooth device."

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!

  4. nigel 15

    Wifi (and toilets)

    It's aimed at emerging markets innit.

    Obviously people in india do have wifi, but this is a $62 phone. to put this in perspective 53.2% of Indians have a mobile phone compared to 46.9% who have a toilet. (according to the bill gates foundation)

    Assuming there is some overlap, a cursory analysis would suggest that around 10% of indians do have a phone and don't have a toilet. probably don't have wifi either.

    1. Bob Vistakin

      Re: Wifi (and toilets)

      Clearly the toilet is needed as a receptacle for the phone once microsoft start putting their software on Nokias low end devices.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Wifi (and toilets)

        Why wait? Isn't having a Farcebook button enough?

  5. Silverburn


    My eyes! My eyes!

    1. tirk

      Re: Aaaaagh!

      Quite. Another lazy "pink it, shrink it" insult to half the planet. :-(

  6. Michael H.F. Wilkinson

    If they were really serious about the pink look, they would have labelled all the pink buttons in pink on a pink background and have a little pink light light up pink to show that you have pressed it.

    (makes a changes from black in the Haggunenon battle cruiser)

  7. duddie

    Nokia lost it

    Chinese make a touch phones for 50 bucks. There are cheaper ones too but the 50 bucks one is a decent phone that runs Android 4.1 and works (ZTE, Konka, TCL, Huawei). Here Nokia comes with something that eh... is kind of outdated and expensive. If it was 20 bucks phone it could fly. If it is in 50-60 range then who gives a damn. I do use my E72 because it is a great phone - I am not a SmartPhone dude. I just make calls and do rest on tablet and comp. But I am minority. I care that my battery works for long time, I can call with great quality and I can send SMS from time to time. E72 does that all well. If I wanted to upgrade... no... I would not go for Nokia - considering how they support they old phones. I go Samsung probably. Bye Nokia - hope that its farewell.

    1. Kristian Walsh Silver badge

      Re: Nokia lost it

      Once again: on-contract pricing is not what the phone actually costs.

      NOBODY makes a phone that can run Android 4.2 for a subsidy-free price of $50. Add back the $150 that your telco is paying and you'll see they're not in the same league.

      1. KjetilS

        Re: Nokia lost it

        If the chinese can make a usable 7" tablet with capacitive screen, android 4.1/4.2 and all the other stuff you'd want for $70 shipped, I don't see the problem of making a small touch-screen phone for $50 subsidy free.

        1. Kristian Walsh Silver badge

          Re: Nokia lost it

          Installing Android 4 on a device is not the same as making it run Android 4 acceptably. Previous experience with sub-$200 Android tablets would suggest that these "Android 4" tablets you talk about will be just as unusable.

          Tablets are cheaper to make than phones: you've got more space to work with, you don't need to include mobile telephony functions (and thus have the device tested and certified as safe for use), and the larger size means that tolerances are larger and so assembly is less fiddly.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    no wifi???

    I don't get the no wifi option.....

    If it had wifi I would probably get one of these for the missus (still happy with her nokia 6630). They are seriously missing a trick here....

    as for the % of Indian people who have toilets/phones.... to me it shows that Indian people value a phone more than a toilet !! therefore wifi would be a good selling point!!!

    1. nigel 15

      Re: no wifi???

      in the target market there is little to no wifi infrastructure. that is what i mean. people with no toilet also have no wifi.

  9. __________

    My wife just got an Asha 201

    Because she likes a physical keyboard, finds the touchcreen HTC Desire I palmed off on to her getting a bit tiny for her eyes and a hassle to use, and she doesn't have the finances or life to justify being wired 24/7.

    The Asha has a nice clear screen, she can get a twitter feed through it and the keyboard works.

    And it's cheap

    1. duddie

      Re: My wife just got an Asha 201

      Define cheap

      1. Kristian Walsh Silver badge

        Re: My wife just got an Asha 201

        Asha 201 is £46 SIM-free from That's with no network lock-in, contract, top-up commitment, or subsidy.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There's been phones before with a Facebook button.

  11. Electric Panda


    HTC had the Cha Cha and Salsa a while ago, both with hardware Facebook buttons. The phones themselves were garbage which is why you've probably forgotten about them, though.

  12. Chris 211


    ...and the phone is gone...



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