back to article Drop Box and Dropbox, begs new sync 'n' share start-up

Yet another start-up touting its own cloud-based file sync 'n' share for business has popped up. Egnyte says its got a Cloud Control product does the same thing as Box and DropBox, but with more security and control. The company was founded in 2007 and is backed by venture capitalists keen to see it to hit the IPO street or …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Thanks for the sales brochure

    Thanks for the write up of the sales brochure. How is this any better than spideroak?

    1. gazzton

      Re: Thanks for the sales brochure

      I thought that too - even in a brief article like this, surely even a rudimentary analysis of the claims rather than their repetition would have added some value?

      So, what I think I read is that there's a new "approach" to cloud-based file sync 'n' share for business, which is "exclusive to Egnyte".

      Two questions come to mind: if indeed new and of value, how will (and for how long) will Egnyte hold on to this exclusivity; does anyone really think this approach overcomes the obvious objections any sensible business would have to using and relying on 3rd party cloud offerings for their sensitive/business critical data?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Thanks for the sales brochure

        You've not read the article very well. It says it's feature that lets you use your existing enterprise file storage is exclusive to Egnyte, nothing to do with cloud-based file sync. Syncing with your enterprise storage.

        But, of course, that feature isn't unique to Egnyte, AppSense's DataNow product also does this.

  2. Khaptain Silver badge
    IT Angle

    Egnyte - Who the f*** are they

    Got to agree with the first post...... Pure marketing, maybe El Reg can share some of the funding receieved, like buying some beer for the unfortunate bastards that read the article hoping to learn something.

    Smells as solid as the Facebook IPO.....

  3. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Out in the Lead and a Long Way Ahead into the Future.

    What a great service. Nice one, Egnyte. Offering Virtual Reality Servers Space Protection behind Cloud Controlling Firewalls.*

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,

    Where be the safest server spot for sublime sensitive and surreallistically sensational information for Deportment/Export/Expulsion/Exchange/Sharing ..... and even Just Simply Giving for the Magical Appearance of Fab Bounty with All of her Friends ....... as Live Energising Driver?

    * Sounds like a Mega-type Service Delivering Protection to IntelAIgent Source Servers ..... for to entangle strings into threads for scripting into Great IntelAIgent Virtual Environments Games Play which delivers the Future and ITs New MetaData Product Line/Virtual Chain of Novel Content Supply, in Programs which all who witness can easily understand.

  4. TReko

    Vulture Advertorial?

    What's new here?

    How do they differ from other secure cloud solutions like SpiderOak or SyncDocs?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Vulture Advertorial?

      The article tells you how it differs, if you read it.

  5. Avatar of They

    Do we need more clouds?

    Without breaking sweat I have the option from my home machines of an MS (win 7 desktop, xbox 360) cloud, Asus (tablet) cloud, ubuntu (desktop cloud), HTC cloud (phone), Apple cloud (mac). I use dropbox, I have also got options with Amazon cloud (kindle) Steam cloud (games) From my Android App I have pocket cloud, Box and Evernote. I know full well I also have more but that would require effort to remember and write them down after looking.

    Getting pretty silly.

  6. JimmyPage Silver badge

    *Any* venture calling itself "Egnyte"

    deserves to fail.

    ("Ignite" - geddit ?)

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    re: *Any* venture calling itself "Egnyte"

    Ignite? What you chatting about?

    Surely it is "egg night"?

    1. P. Lee

      Re: re: *Any* venture calling itself "Egnyte"

      Which is ugly to say and therefore doomed to be known as egg-nogg.

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