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A couple of months ago, we asked Australian Regreaders how we should refer to our Asia-Pacific bureau based in Sydney. El Reg obviously wasn't quite right, given that Spanish phrases other than “Hasta la vista, Baby” and “Living la vida loca” aren't exactly in common usage in Australia. We offered readers five alternatives, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Kookaburra Central?

    What about Auregister and Boregister?

    Actually that makes the northern one look too much like 'bore register'.

  2. STrRedWolf

    Okay, what's Vulture Far East? Tokyo?

    And what about Vulture North, since the home office (nest?) is in the UK?

  3. Term
    Paris Hilton

    Vulture South or Vulture Wastland

    We've had the same 5 Top Stories now for what seems like ages, all bland Australian ones. Surly there are other news from around the world that could class as a top story or are we only going to get Australian top stories from now o

    I originally started reading The Register for its humour and no bullshit style, there are lots of Oz bland PR fluff publications around, we don't need another one.

    El Reg - its not like there is a lot of Spanish speaking people in the UK as well.

  4. Reg Blank

    Titles - Very Serious Business

    You could just do what every soulless manager/administrator in Australia does: strip out any sense of tradition or history by renaming a long established and proud institution in some blandly androgynous name that some cretin with pointy hair thinks sounds "forward looking" or "essential".

    In this manner a dignified and descriptive "Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics" can be morphed into the vanilla-fied "Australian Geological Survey Organisation" before obscurely disappearing up its own anus by becoming "Geoscience Australia", and the "Australian Cricket Board" can become the hyper-media darling on the tip of everyone's lips, "Cricket Australia".

    We should rename the nation "Country Australia" because "Commonwealth of Australia" is just too Victorian and pre-post-intra-Federation to be credible to today's Executive in the Asian Century.

    My point: go native and become instantly forgettable with "Register Australia". Sure, people will think that they are signing up for some fancy Internet 2.0 social media site, but . . . I've forgotten what I was going to type, so here is a "schooner" of bitter after-taste (Icon).

  5. Knoydart

    I for one welcome to our "new" Register overloads on the west island.

    Coat 'cause the weather has turned to custard here in Wellington.

  6. Jaydubya

    What about the Kiwis

    There is life beyond Australia

  7. -tim

    Can we avoid the geocoding?

    So when are we going to get the following?

  8. Palebushman

    Australian Regreaders

    "A couple of months ago, we asked Australian Regreaders"

    Well I get my newsletter from Vulture HQ every day! But I don't recall being asked this particular question.

    Not that I could be easily be seduced by anything 'Fruity' anyway,

    but we Aussies are pretty much unique in more ways than one:-)

    How about VULTUREROOS creators of awesome IT since IT began.

This topic is closed for new posts.