back to article Australia’s new AUD$5m golden visa

Australia’s yen to morph into an entrepreneurial hub for the Asia Pacific region has led to the creation of a new visa category designed to lure the world’s brightest and richest business elite. Once the Australian immigration is satisfied that you have the business credentials of the next Sergey Brin or Mark Zuckerberg, all …


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  1. Big-nosed Pengie

    Oh well

    Everything else is for sale. It was only a matter of time before citizenship was too.

    1. Charles Manning

      Residence is not citizenship

      Once you have residence then you have exactly the same hurdles as a boat person with residence to get citizenship.

      Why should anyone have a problem with this? Rich people and those with skills build the value of the country and everyone gains. Just opening the doors to unskilled poor people doesn't help anyone.

    2. SkyFlyer
      Thumb Up

      Re: Oh well

      What a ridiculous comment, did you read the article, citizenship is not for sale, like all Visa's it is subject to many tests including financial in this case and only then provides permanent residence. You can get residence in spain for around 200k investment in a property no questions asked so I suggest that at $5m this is slightly dearer and will possibly attract a few very good and rich entrepreneurs. I welcome them, their skills and their money from wherever they come from.

    3. zoogler

      Re: Oh well

      And why not, objectively speaking?

  2. Sam Paton

    Not that uncommon, the US has the same thing and has done for years and you only need to invest $1m

    1. david 12 Silver badge

      Not that uncommon

      ..AUS has the same thing and has done for years and you only need to invest $xxxx.

      The details are different. This is a new 'even better' offer for people with 'even more' money.

      The whole refuge/illegal alien thing only applies to people who are not rich. Rich people don't have to go to Naru and prove that they are legitimate refuges.

      1. Reg Blank

        Re: Not that uncommon

        @ David 12

        Really? Are you saying that rich people have more and BETTER life options than poor people, and not only that, but rich people are also treated better than poor people BECAUSE they have lots of money?

        Furthermore on a related point, and forgive me if I have this wrong, but people who fill out the forms and submit themselves to the appropriate immigration process and await official approval before presenting themselves to immigration officials at authorised entry points get favourable and QUICKER treatment?

        You have turned my whole universe upside down. Crazy!

        You know, now that I think about it, I suspect that immigrants of whatever wealth status who conduct themselves in a legal manner, who don't consort with organised crime syndicates, who don't lie about their names, their nationalities, their age, and their past history and residences, those types of people would also have their applications go smoother!

        I do wonder though, whether rich people entering Australia also engage in acts of violence against immigration staff members, fellow immigrants, blameless infrastructure and other harmless inanimate objects? The lines at airports can be frustrating!

        Warning ~ sarcasm overload in prog . . . ~fzzzt~ . . . ~blzzzzzt~ . . . *pop*

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Citizenship / Residency, No difference

    There is not difference between a resident or citizen in Australia except the right (obligation) to vote. You get all the bennies as a resident and none of the obligatory requirements to pick amongst a selection of candidates as bad as each other.

    1. shaolin cookie
      IT Angle

      Re: Citizenship / Residency, No difference

      Actually there is a big difference when people travel abroad. Those with citizenship get in to most countries without visas, while the mere residents still need visas assuming their citizenship is of a poorer country.

    2. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

      Re: Citizenship / Residency, No difference

      It's a little more difficult to deport a citizen...

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