back to article South Korean convicted for tweeting Pyongyang propaganda

A simple Twitter-based lampoon almost backfired for one South Korean user this week, after a Seoul court found him guilty of breaking the country’s strict national security law by retweeting North Korean propaganda. Suwon District Court handed 24-year-old Park Jeong-geun a 10-month suspended prison sentence after ruling he had …


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  1. Paul Johnston

    Have I broken the law too?

    Below is a translation from Google Translate of a tweet from uriminzokkiri

    Paddock's not the boss of corruption rimyeongbak weightlifting yamalro to fill my belly can not do this, paeryun main culprit is: http://

    Seriously WTF

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Have I broken the law too?

      In South Korea, yes.

      I am bored of stupid people who look at a law which says "dont say x, or we will arrest you" ... then claiming, i meant to be funny.

      The laws that are made do not say "don't say x, unless of course you are having a big joke, in which case we will chortle with you".

      If the law if not right, then try and change it, but dont whinge when you are on the wrong end of the law for trying to funny and clever, usually achieving neither.

      The airport dude in the UK and this fella in Korea should've been locked up, not because the law is right, but because they are stupid and ignorant.

      1. Bumpy Cat

        Re: Have I broken the law too?

        The case in the UK was a lot less clear-cut than that, though. People need to shut the hell up on Twitter, but no-one (seriously, no-one) would have really believed that Chambers intended to blow up the airport.

        Dozens of tweets in direct contravention of a clear law was kind of setting up the Korean tweeter, though.

      2. Paul Johnston

        Re: Have I broken the law too?

        I was more on about the results of Google Translate being rather mangled!

        I used to write MT systems 10 years ago.

      3. Keep Refrigerated

        Re: Have I broken the law too?

        Umm... the whole problem with the UK atm (I can't speak for other countries but it does seem to be a similar case even in the US) is that there is no law which states "Don't say X..." Instead, we the proles, are walking in fields of verbal landmines, just waiting for someone to be offended by what we say.

        Whilst this legal quagmire exists, I would encourage anyone and everyone to avoid Twitter - even for innocuous crap such as posting what you had for breakfast.

        If the law was so specific, it would probably be easier to avoid breaking it. However there is also a certain Streisand effect comes into play when judges do attempt to make specific orders i.e. Don't publish the name of this wholesome footballer who cheated on his wife with this person who can be named because we don't give a shit about her.

        "If the law if not right, then try and change it..."

        Personally, I'm bored of stupid people who roll out this line whenever free speech issues come up in an attempt to be clever. It is both stupid and ignorant. Even if the law could be crowdsourced in such a way that your statement infers, it would be an absolute mess.

        Should there be a law for allowing every single thing that a human being could say e.g. "Pink unicorns riding on a rainbow fart clouds of M&M's whilst circling Uranus" - should there be a law that specifically states people should be allowed to say that?

        Maybe you should be locked up, to keep you safe from hearing things you don't like? Then we can all chortle at the irony of some idiot who thinks stupid people should be locked up!

      4. frank ly


        A much better Twitter handle for them?

      5. Graham Marsden
        Big Brother

        @jeremy 3 - Re: Have I broken the law too?

        "The airport dude in the UK and this fella in Korea should've been locked up, not because the law is right, but because they are stupid and ignorant."

        Balderdash! The people who are stupid and ignorant are the ones passing these ridiculous laws and those trying to apply them.

      6. Blitterbug

        Re: I am bored of stupid people...

        Aside from the massive grammar fail, this was an excellent bit of trollage. Well done, sir! Wait - you were serious...?

    2. Sandpit

      Re: Have I broken the law too?

      Surely that's Vogon poetry?

      1. Rukario

        Re: Have I broken the law too?

        Nope, that's more the style of Grunthos the Flatulent.

  2. Winkypop Silver badge

    Simple rule:

    If you're a twat, don't twit.

  3. Alan Dougherty


    Right, so to prevent the population, of a wealthy western looking country, from being influenced by the propaganda (prop-prop-prop propaganda style?), of a basket-case nutter next door, they have draconian dictatorship like laws, incase anybody wants to move there?

    Am I missing something, or would it not seem that no one could take that propaganda seriously, and it should automaticly be treated as satire?

    1. John H Woods Silver badge

      +1 --- Re: Dictatorships

      Psy reference

    2. Lupus

      Re: Dictatorships

      Eeeeeyyyyyyyyy, sexy lady!

  4. This post has been deleted by its author

  5. Tony Paulazzo

    If you have to define freedom of speech then it doesn't exist, you have taken my right to shout 'Theatre!' in a crowded fire, away.

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