back to article Cyber blaggers autoplunder bulging accounts on Euro pay network

Cybercrooks have developed a Trojan that targets high-value accounts linked to the European SEPA payments network. The highly targeted malware-based scam is an extension of the ongoing Operation High Roller, according to Intel's McAfee security division. Fraudsters have siphoned off tens of thousands from SEPA-linked accounts …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Amazing, simply amazing ...

    ... how many holes there turn out to be in every banking system.

    And the solution? Use various heuristics to tag transactions as "suspect" and investigate the customer. Each and every time.

    My hands are itching to try and improve on this, except then I'd have to conform to all the senseless banking red tape (*cough* PCI *cough*, just for starters) and I'd have to rat more on my customers than on the crooks defrauding them, so I'll end up doing what every bank does, wiggle and argue and in the end, compensate, only knowing that the whole thing should've been done better from the start. It's like, I don't know, they're all running windows or something. We could be doing so much better, only we can't because the mindsets, the best current practices and the rules and laws are in the way.

    Yet more reason why my banking account still doesn't have this newfangled internet thing attached and I pay cash wherever I'm still allowed to. Which is diminishing here, even though the banking systems that're supposed to replace cash also regularly just fall over and die. Now where'd I leave my tin-foil hat?

  2. FunkyEric

    A dubious drinking buddy of mine once told me

    That the future was in white collar crime. Seems like he was right. Fortunately I didn't investigate his claims any further........

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    straw poll .. ?

    My main account has only over-the-counter Access.

    Inconvenient. But safe..

    But am considering their online Android app, mainly because adding an recipient account requires acknowledgement via an with code sent on paper by post..

  4. John H Woods

    Heuristics ...

    ... can be horrible. My wife had a stroke. I had to use a card that I hardly ever use while she was in the hospital and I was trying to get there in a hurry. Bought some stuff in the supermarket for the kids to eat - card ok. Hurriedly filled up nearly empty car before rushing off to hospital - card declined. Bank of course had my mobile, but they didn't ring it. And they weren't answering their phones either. Thankfully I found enough cash down the back seat to pay. In the supermarket you can blush, apologize and walk away, but at the petrol station you are out of options and immediately treated as a criminal.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    Linux malware strikes again ..

    Who is going to save us from all this Linux malware ...


    ref: browser process, infecting the computers, javaScript payload, malicious "webinjects", malware-based scam, targeted ATS ,zeuS-style banking malware ...

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