back to article Lawrence 'Empire Strikes Back' Kasdan to pen future Star Wars script

Disney's plans to dramatically expand the Star Wars franchise may concern stringent Jedi enthusiasts, but the fact that it has now signed up Lawrence Kasdan - co-writer of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, not to mention Raiders of the Lost Ark - to script one of its forthcoming films, will surely be music to fans …


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  1. quarky
    Thumb Up

    Great choice

    Well, better choice than for the prequels anyway!

  2. groovyf

    A New Hope?

  3. Julian C

    Annoying bear thingies

    Hang on though, that''t the bloke who brought Ewoks into existence. Abandon hope!

    1. TRT Silver badge

      Re: Annoying bear thingies

      I thought that was Ken Hom's invention for kitchens without a gas hob...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Annoying bear thingies

        The eWok, a chinese cooking utensil you can connect to the internet.

        1. hplasm Silver badge

          Re: Annoying bear thingies

          Invented in Yorkshire...

    2. Graham Dawson Silver badge

      Re: Annoying bear thingies

      Nah, the Ewoks were Lucas's idea.

      1. mr_jrt

        Re: Annoying bear thingies

        Yup. IIRC, originally intended to be Wookies, but as Lucas wanted primitives overcoming the advanced empire and he'd already had Chewie repairing a hyperdrive he had a problem. Cue, Ewoks as the solution.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re: Annoying bear thingies

          Somebody blessed with the ability to write might have presumed that Chewie had been taught to operate machinery by Han Solo or was otherwise educated outside his culture and that the rest of the Wookies remained less capable ... instead George had a go.

          1. Neil B

            Re: Annoying bear thingies

            Operate machinery, yes. Fix light-speed capable star-ships, not so much.

        2. Captain DaFt

          Re: Annoying bear thingies

          Lessee... built elaborate tree top cities,

          hang gliders that could carry loads of boulders,

          figured out the controls to Empire tech the instant they got their hands on it...

          Now, how were the Ewoks primitive? Lack of cellphones?

          1. Alan Brown Silver badge

            Re: Annoying bear thingies

            "Now, how were the Ewoks primitive? Lack of cellphones?"

            They ate stormtroopers. Didn't you wonder where the meat for the feast came from?

            1. Captain DaFt

              Re: Annoying bear thingies

              "They ate stormtroopers."

              And? I eat cows, chickens, pigs, etc. It ain't cannibalism if it ain't your own species.

              As for one intelligent species eating another? Pesty troopers invaded the Ewoks world without so much as a by your leave, and set up shop.

              Serves'em right.

    3. Thorne

      Re: Annoying bear thingies

      "Hang on though, that''t the bloke who brought Ewoks into existence. Abandon hope!"

      Yes but he didn't invent JarJar so there is some hope of redemption

  4. Thomas Whipp

    Ewoks: Battle for Endor

    FTW :)

    1. TRT Silver badge

      Re: Ewoks: Battle for Endor

      Wookies Vs Ewoks. The Shake'n'Vac wars.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    two to three films a year will suck a lot of milk out of the proverbial cow fairly quickly. now if they follow star treks fine example of high quality and volume then... oh right. never mind.

    1. wowfood

      Honestly I'm hoping that's just a "lost in translation" quote, with Disney aiming to release 2-3 films a year, as opposed to 2-3 star wars films per year.

      Y'know maybe star wars, toy story 4, pocahontis 3. then the next year Rocky XXXXXIIVI wallie 2 and some marvel film. Then star wars again, etc etc.

      1. Caleb Cox (Written by Reg staff)

        It obviously didn't mean 2-3 Star Wars films a year. I think it did mean 2-3 Lucasfilm movies a year, though.

        Disney puts out far more than 3 flicks annually already anyway.

  6. David Given

    Put it like this

    ...they can't be any *worse*, so why not give them a try?

  7. Josh Cain

    Why not...

    Just take Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy and BAM, excellent bit of sequels prepackaged and ready to go.

    1. The Indomitable Gall

      Re: Why not...

      A) They're crap.

      B) They're derivative and unimaginative.

      C) They're based on an interpretation of the single mention of the term "clone wars" that isn't in line with the meaning introducing in the prequel trilogy.

      1. jai

        Re: Why not...

        but but but HUGE frikken dreadnought spaceships! i'd love to see those on the cinema screen.

        but also, Zahn's triology don't take place long enough afterwards, do they? Luke and Han and Leia aren't as old as their actors are right now.

        1. Jemma Silver badge

          Re: Why not...

          "strong with the hair dye these ones are..."

          There are many possibilities - Bakura, COJ (please not callista flockhart), Jorj Car'das back story, Galen Marek - not to mention the slightly deranged reason why the whole Han/Leia will they/wont they thing (with added bounty hunter goodness)

          The biggest problem with all of them is if for example you dont do HttE you can't do spectre/vision (thrawn & pellaeon) since the result would make about as much sense as jarjar on amphetamines.

        2. Sloppy Crapmonster

          Re: Why not...

          I would pay good money to see Star Wars VII with (current) Carrie Fisher in that metal bikini.

      2. Alan Brown Silver badge

        Re: Why not...

        They're an old fashioned 1950s horse opera in a space setting. Reading more into them than that is asking for a migraine.

        Think of them as a cross between Flash Gordan, Lone Ranger and the Perils of Persephone.

  8. The Indomitable Gall


    I thought the verb "divvy" was pretty much accepted these days, leading to a regular past form of "divvied"...?

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Reimagining and rebooting...

    given Hollywoods lazy trend for reimagining and rebooting franchises, one can only hope they'll redo the prequels!

  10. kyza

    Admiral Daala

    In dominatrix leathers, with a whip.

    1. Jemma Silver badge

      Re: Admiral Daala

      Am I the only one to notice that a lightsaber &/or shoto look a lot like a device a girl can have alot of fun with...? Now I have images, bad mind *slap*

  11. TheOtherHobbes

    It's a trap!


  12. mr. deadlift

    2 -3 films a year?

    have they taken lessons out of the COD franchise?


  13. SwedishCodeMaffia

    I have bad feeling about this ..

    nuff said

  14. Anonymous John


    These aren't the sequels you're looking for.

  15. mickey mouse the fith

    Use the forks Luke.....

    First one will be aces, next one average and the third one will be the whimsical adventures of a young jar-jar set to the music of tim rice n elton jhon.

    Seriously though, as long as they stick to deathstars and space battles and away from tedious politics and coronation street style love stories they should be 1000 times better than the prequels.

    1. Thorne

      Re: Use the forks Luke.....

      Less touchy feely more dismemberment with plasma swords

  16. Richard Wharram

    Trade disputes

    Personally I'm hoping that they carry on with the narrative about trade disputes. Possibly something about marginal tax rates in non-core worlds and maybe a three hour EU style negotiation session. I think Lucas was onto a real winner with these themes and I hope the new writers don't abandon this vision.

  17. Robert Grant Silver badge

    Christmas Special Part 2?

    Will Jar-Jar make it back to celebrate Life Day with his Wookie friends? Find out in this hour-long special!

    1. Alan Brown Silver badge

      Re: Christmas Special Part 2?

      Yes he will. We're having him for lunch.....

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