back to article Opera site served Blackhole malvertising, says antivirus firm

Opera has suspended ad-serving on its portal as a precaution while it investigates reports that surfers were being exposed to malware simply by visiting the Norwegian browser firm's home page. Malicious scripts loaded by were redirecting users towards a malicious site hosting the notorious BlackHole exploit …


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  1. koolholio

    I was on the site the other day... Its likely to be a browser extension which has been loaded from another source... or someones being redirected to the wrong site through another site!!!

    Theres no malicious code from my extensible knowledge on their website.

  2. koolholio

    Feedsportal !== Opera exactly seems to be the main basis of or in particular its ads

    I saw ads, no malicious code was executed... I'd say its most likely to be an absolute false positive. Given I'm running a better AV in absolute paranoia mode!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Disable Java, filter all ads, run browser in a sandbox, ditch Flash and Reader, run you account with the lowest possible privileges for getting the job done

    It's not hard to avoid the problems.

    1. JDX Gold badge

      Except when the browser itself has a vulnerability.

      1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

        As a fan of Opera, and of circumscribed technical knowledge,

        I see that the active malicious content apparently was in a PDF - so it would be a problem introduced by installing Adobe Reader, and not necessarily the latest version.

        Having said that, any web site carrying evil advertisements as described is doing ill.

        Also, Adobe seems to have updated to a version 11 - except on Windows Vista which is only given version 10.1.4, at least when I last looked. But of course Vista is obsolete and not fully supported now even by Microsoft. (My Vista machine got some security patches this week, though. They still do those.)

        Problems with Adobe Reader 11 are rumoured but shadowy, I think; what catches you out is running an oldef version that hasn't had loopholes fixed.

  4. sabba

    Oh dear...

    ...a night out at the opera and all I got was this nasty virus!!

  5. JDX Gold badge

    simply by firing up the popular alternative browser software

    Since when is Opera popular outside of mobile? Opera is about as popular as Windows Phone 7.

    1. Daemon Byte

      That would depend hugely on what country you were in now wouldn't it?

      1. JDX Gold badge

        Which country is Opera popular in then?

        1. regorama

          In Eastern Europe.

          I don't know why but Opera has a very large market share in Russia, Poland, Ukraine...

          I remember an Putin opponent webbloger, on tv. He was using Opera.

  6. Conrad Longmore

    "Malvertising" incidents are far from rare..

    Indeed, El Reg trialblazed this field back in 2004..

    I'll get my coat..

  7. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

    Issues with advertising

    As all major ad services have had the past years adverts are an easy way to try and exploit a wide variety of people on other websites. Everyone loses out as the payment details tend to be stolen, its fortunate that the Opera desktop software no longer relies on adverts inside the browser (The only thing I never liked with Opera).

  8. TeeCee Gold badge

    Oh FFS!

    It seems likely the scripts had been loaded through a third-party advertisement, a practice commonly known as malvertising.

    Bloody ad-pushers and the cheapskate, careless tossers that they are. They need to:

    1) Vet the ads they get before they serve them.

    2) Only serve ads directly from their own infrastructure, rather than fetching content from somewhere else.

    The way they operate now, where what the punter actually gets served is entirely at the whim of whoever bought the slot, is a permanent open invitation for the scrotes to fill their boots. Yes Google, that is evil and you are doing it.

  9. Don Jefe

    Visitors Fault

    They should have never been dealing with Oprah in the first place. It's just there. Sitting. Doing fuck all but bitching anytime someone else (MS) does anything.

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