back to article Cisco eats Cloupia to control freak clouds

Here's a question: If Cisco Systems, storage partner EMC, and its virtualization and cloud minion VMware are all such good buddies in the Virtual Computing Environment, then why does Cisco need to by Cloupia, a maker of cloud management software? With VMware, and therefore EMC, buying into the virtual networking space with the …


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  1. qthrul


    Jay from VCE here... oh hai!

    The preceding body of text deposited here makes 100% absolute perfect amazing crystalline sense that illuminates the unifying logic of our times... and the enjoined masses shall shout refrains to heap upon praise... assuming one does not have access to the wonders of Google search [1] [2].

    So... yeah. That?



  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Maybe along the way Cisco will learn something about user interface design.


      Re: Cool

      What - CLI doesn't do it for you?

  3. Choofer


    I'm now slight concerned. Have just switched to Cloupia after losing half a year and countless dollars following Cisco's CIAC (Intelligent Automation for Cloud) down and endless hole of customisations to provide basic functionality, i have come to the realisation that Cisco just don't get software. They don't understand it, don't know how to support it, don't know what it takes to be a software company.

    Cloupia in two hours gave us more capability than Cisco services could in six months of custom dev. It's sad when a third part can automate a Cisco switch but Cisco can't. Now I'm back having to deal with the TAC which might get hardware, but simply doesn't get software.

    I also wonder if they will slow down the development of the HP / IBM / Brocade / Huwaei functionality.

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