back to article Twitter simps fall for 'Obama punched a guy' vid promise scam

A spam campaign doing the rounds on Twitter that implausibly offers to show a picture, and then a video, of US President Obama punching someone in the face is ultimately designed to spread the infamous Koobface worm. Prospective victims typically receive a direct message on Twitter, which contains the text “Check out Obama …


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  1. grandours

    No need to fall for a scam...

    If you want to see a head of state get rough with someone, Canada's former prime minister "the boy from Shawinigan" Jean Chretien shows how it's done for real:

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: No need to fall for a scam...

      In the UK, we have to make do with a cabinet minister

      "Prescott punches egg man".

      I have seen footage of some good scraps in foreign parliaments though. Please help a compilation effort by posting links and search terms below!

  2. Tom 35

    They should do a poll

    Post a "Mitt Romney punches a girl" and see who gets the most infections.

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