back to article Cawing retail vultures circle dying Comet, might rip some chunks off

Both bricks-and-mortar and web-based traders are looking to pick through the bones of sickened retail outfit Comet. The receivers Deloitte landed at Comet's doorstep on 2 November to take over operations and have set about cutting costs and finding buyers for the business, which is likely to be broken up. According to sources …


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  1. hplasm

    Aaark! Aaark!


    El Reg Xmas cards with sound please.

  2. K

    No wonder they are going to the wall..

    Was in there yesterday and they are having a "Clearance Sales, everything must go!"... fair enough you say..

    But their definition of Clearance Sale is a 10% discount, even with that I can still buy the stuff cheaper online. They need to take a leaf from Best Buys book, when that place shut down they were offering 40-60% discount, and absolutely everything went, including the ship fittings!

    1. MJG

      Re: No wonder they are going to the wall..

      Yes, we popped in last week, as our washing machine is on it's way out. 10% off, and only the iPads and tablets had gone, most everything else is there.

      I guess if they try 10% for a bit, and then further cuts as needed, they still open so try and recoup as much as possible? Will try and keep an ear close to the ground for bigger cuts, as as you say nearly everything is cheaper online, specially the white goods!

  3. Richard Tobin


    Well that will be the end of Maplin then. They'd be better off remaining what they are.

    1. Linker3000
      Thumb Down

      Re: Maplin

      Maplin (singular) have turned into the Tandy/Radio Shack of the generation - all RC vehicles and disco kit at indifferent prices, with a nod towards trying to compete for computing parts.

      The company has long lost its reputation as 'the' supplier for hobby electronics. I first bought stuff from Mapin in the early 1980s when I wasall of 12-years old, but when I popped in to a store a while back ('just passing') for a needed CMOS logic chip (12p elsewhere), it was sad to find the pre-packed chip on sale for *ONLY* 99p.

      Maplin may be better off remaining 'what they are' but they sure as heck aint 'what they were'.

      /get off my lawn etc..

  4. Rustywarrior

    @K 08:40

    I'm sure that when the decision is made that we definitely are closing the stores and the staff are all going to be out of work you'll be able to get your sweaty paws on a knock down deal. Until then the Administrators are doing their level best to keep everything going. Personally all we care about at the moment is ensuring we get a wage packet before Xmas.

    Seasons Greetings

    1. Kool-Aid drinker

      Re: @K 08:40

      I hope you get a pay packet this side and the other side of Xmas. Having this hanging over your head must suck.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I went into a Comet the other day

    Only to find that they were only discounting goods by 10% and wouldn't budge on the price.

    I can still buy goods cheaper online and from the store down the road, even after their "STOCK CLEARANCE" discount.

    I'd hate to be one of their creditors right now.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    s the least what you get when you swallow rotten meat. That said, vultures are apparently immune to this mild issue. Can't wait to see another PC world establishment in my area ;)

  7. Mike Richards

    Poor old Comet

    Having Dixons come to pick over your retail carcass must be like being molested by a syphilitic hyena.

  8. mark 63 Silver badge


    just like my car club..

    "right lads, cant afford this any more , I'm breaking it"

    "no! what a shame! - ok first dibs on bumper , ecu , fmic and tps sensor please!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's Maplin, not 'Maplins'.

    Ex Maploid.

    1. hplasm


      De Hi.

  10. Triggerfish


    Can anyone explain to me why we end up selling companies like Comet to groups like OPCapita, who basically set themselves up as primary creditors and then fuck a company over for the profit they will make?

    1. Chris007

      Re: OPCapita @triggerfish

      You answered your own question...

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