back to article Steelie Neelie admits laptop hack during IGF

Two laptops used by European Commission officials were pinched last week in Azerbaijan's capital Baku during the Internet Governance Forum, Digital Agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes has revealed. In a blog post at the weekend, Kroes explained that she was in two minds about attending the summit, held this year in the gas and …


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  1. Tim99 Silver badge

    Coo - A really hard choice

    Now who do I believe - Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Social and Political Department, Ali Hasanov, or Neelie?

    1. Ole Juul

      Re: Coo - A really hard choice

      I'd go with Neelie, but the statement (as reported) from her colleagues is a bit vague.

      Heath told AP they received a warning message from Apple that the computers had been accessed by a third party.

      Does the Apple company send out messages to people, or is this warning from the computer? I'm guessing the operating system, but that has a different name. Can someone tell me what Heath is talking about?

      1. Esskay

        Re: Great Success!

        Hi there, your APPLE_DEVICE has been affected by a third party! To prevent PR disaster, just send login details, email addresses, passwords, etc to: and your APPLE_DEVICE will be fixed.

      2. jubtastic1

        Re: Coo - A really hard choice

        Only thing that I can think of is perhaps an email that an iCloud account has been accessed by an unknown computer.

        I'd assume they were using full disk encryption with beefy passwords on the laptops themselves, but if they weren't and the laptops were pwned while unattended I don't see a mechanism for Apple to alert them to that fact.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Coo - A really hard choice

          Yes it will have been iCloud as I just got this Apple message today:

          Quote" Dear Anonymous Coward,

          Your Apple ID ( was used to sign in to iCloud on a Mac Pro.

          If you have not recently set up a MacPro with your Apple ID, then you should change your Apple ID password.

          <Learn more>... "/Quote (don't click here unless you've just been to Baku as it's the Apple ID password/security question reset)

  2. Turtle

    "The IGF is coming to town."

    "When the IGF comes to town, radical change often follows. Because, when empowered, connected citizens press for greater freedom. As happened in Tunisia and Egypt in the years after they held this conference."

    The phrase "unwarranted self-importance" spring to mind; no idea why, though...

  3. Paul Webb

    Warning mesage from Apple

    Not very helpful, being after the fact. I wonder what the Pentagon thinks?

    Even US generals have realised BlackBerries are uncool

  4. James Micallef Silver badge

    Pinched or hacked?

    First line of the article says 2 laptops were pinched, Kroes's post indicated thet 2 laptops were hacked. So which was it? Or was it 2 pinched + 2 hacked?

    1. Elmer Phud

      Re: Pinched or hacked?

      'Or was it 2 pinched + 2 hacked'

      or 2 pwnd?

      1. RyanHeath

        Re: Pinched or hacked?

        Hi folks,

        Let's cool it down here. Definitely no computers "pinched", definitely no secure Commission devices compromised, and specific organisation being accused of a specific "attack". I'm getting my PERSONAL computer checked to see what really happened.

        Ryan Heath

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