Why doesn't Apple buy Dyson

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  1. mhoneywell

    Why doesn't Apple buy Dyson

    They both make consumer goods very well.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Why doesn't Apple buy Dyson

      Someone's got to say it......

      Don't Apple already have enough things that suck?

      1. Chevalier

        Re: Why doesn't Apple buy Dyson

        Because Dyson good, Apple bad.. Apple sucks.

    2. deadlockvictim


      I always wondered why Apple hasn't EA. Release all of their games on the mac first and then on PCs a few weeks' later. It would certainly make the mac more popular in gaming circles, which is a space that Apple should really be in. Many gamers spend a lot of money on their rigs.

      But then Apple doesn't seem to care about macs any more.


      1. MrDamage Silver badge

        Re: EA

        "Many gamers spend a lot of money on their rigs."

        While this is true, the money they spend tends to be on stuff that is worth the money, and not because some supplier has decided that underpowered shite is worth more just because it has a fruity logo.

        Then there is also the case where iProducts have fans set at minimum speed to preserve the aesthetics of a silent iShiney, and at the temps a GPU can get to under extreme gaming conditions, this will mean death of components.

  2. Nelbert Noggins

    Um... ok i'll bite... Apple marketing can make things seem cool...

    Dyson can actually manufacture cool... Their blade-less fans are so cool even without a marketing company telling anyone they are... "Look a real working fan I can put my arm into.... how cool is that!!!!"

    Also my Dyson DC02 is still going strong and has spare parts available... Why would you want to turn them into a 2 year disposable device company?

    1. jake Silver badge

      Apple kit is a 2-year disposable device?

      Not really. Try mostly 6-8 month disposable devices.

      I really don't get why sheeple feel the need to spend money for no reason ...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Apple kit is a 2-year disposable device?

        Not for the desktops it isn't... I sold a spares/repairs (dead) G4 Cube a couple of weeks ago for £77.

    2. Bob726

      It seems silly to argue whether Dyson is cooler than Apple as they aren't even competing in the same market. As for disposable devices, this pretty much applies to anything electronic these days.

    3. Stuart Castle Silver badge

      You've clearly not bought a Dyson recently.

      They were well built, reliable machines. Not any more (at least in my experience). Now, they appear to be cheaply assembled machines largely made of plastic.

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  4. Corinne

    Apart from just both having "cool" devices in your opinion, there is very little synergy between the 2 companies - You may as well ask why Apple don't buy a car manufacturer considered to be cool.

    But you also have to take into consideration that currently the shareholders of Dyson seem to be quite happy with the company so they probably wouldn't want to sell their shares, just because a company may want to take over another doesn't mean they can just buy it as though it was on the shelf at the local supermarket, the seller has to be willing - in the case of a private company the single owner, in a public company then a majority of the shareholders

  5. Simon Rockman

    Because buying an eponymous company is a dumb thing to do

    Or indeed any company without the figurehead in control. Sky bought Amstrad. How have their set-top boxes done without AMS?

  6. mk0713

    Dyson...do you mean the vacuum cleaner company.....come on!~That's not its tea.

  7. badra100

    Dyson is not reliable for Apple. So, It cannot buy it.

  8. DidierAubin87

    Apple has their own ideas. Dyson is not suitable for Apple, I think

  9. DidierAubin87

    Dyson is not suitable for Apple, and Apply may not want to buy Dyson :))

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