1. mhoneywell


    Like it says

  2. mhoneywell

    How come....

    I have everything wireless in my home, i stream music and films through walls, up stairs and round corners.

    So how come I still have to point my damned remote control at the TV?

    Is this seemingly archaic practice ever going to change and if so what technology will be used?

    1. Nelbert Noggins

      Re: How come....

      You point your remote at your TV?

      How quaint.... I haven't needed line of sight with my TV or the rest of my AV stack for a few years now. Everything apart from my TV is in a cupboard in the room next door to where the TV is. My remote just has buttons pushed and everything works.

      Maybe you need to look at HDMI CEC (pick your manufacturer of choices random non-standard branding), equipment that supports remotes with Wifi/radio/ir blaster Extenders or 3rd party remotes instead of the crap that comes with your tv.

      When will a TV remote be wifi/radio enabled? Um... never... why would they bother with the expense when they user will be infront of the screen? HDMI CEC... has been around for a while...

      No doubt you'd then complain about having to point the remote at your AV Receiver/DVD Player/Blah...

      Buy decent equipment and it's a non-issue

  3. mhoneywell


    Thanks Nelbert, that was both interesting and helpful.

    I'm not a complainer of the fact that I have to point my remotes, incidentally, I was just amazed that it was still necessary.

    Thanks again for your help, it's appreciated.


    Its "Application" not "App.", ETC

    WTF Though of the term "app?".. The last time I looked it was application. This is when i call IT Idiot Tecnology. It destroying the English language. I almost got sick last year when "LOL"-ARE YOU SERIOUS ? was recgognized as a "word" in at least one dictionary. CELLPHONESPEAK-LOL, LMAO-This crap,,pulease!!!

    AND who exactly thought of this idodic, lazy, term?

    What the heck is a cloud?

    And why does UPS use "simple" words that we cant understand- "Logistics?"

    "I rant, therefore, I am"-Dennis Miller

    1. mhoneywell

      Re: Its "Application" not "App.", ETC

      Sage words ranting man. But maybe a few too many to tackle. I'm gonna try another one...

  5. mhoneywell

    WTF is the etiquette for a dropped phone call

    I'm talking about when the network/phone lets you down, rather than your greasy palms.

    The etiquette in my view is that the original caller calls back.

    But so so so so often, both parties get caught in a loop - of vmail and engaged tones - as they both frantically attempt to redo the call.

    How do we get some agreed etiquette and then have it adopted?

    1. Don Jefe

      Re: WTF is the etiquette for a dropped phone call

      Always wait for them to call you back. That way you can blame it on their crappy phone/service. If they never call back it either wasn't important anyway or they found someone else to get their problem sorted...

  6. TonyWilk

    Not famous enough or simply too long ago?

    You may or may not have heard of Paul Lutus; he wrote "Apple Writer" way back at the dawn of time.

    I happened across his arachnoid.com website, looking for HAM radio stuff as it 'appens, then did the Wiki on him to find he's just been deleted ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Lutus ).

    WTF ?

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