back to article Google to refund some pre-price drop Nexus 7 buyers

Google, like Asus, will compensate folk who purchased a Nexus 7 just before it reduced the tablet's price, on 29 October. Nexus 7 Unfortunately, the price protection promise only applies to owners who splashed out on or after 14 October, as Google's offer only covers the 15 days before a price cut. Only the 16GB version is …


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  1. Shane McCarrick

    Still no reduction in Tesco and other retailers........

    Wonder will Google be shamed into extending the refund to retail customers too?

    1. @brykins

      As far as I can make out, the Asus refund applies to those who bought through retail outlets. The Google refund is only for Google Play purchases. Those two together seems to cover every way to buy.

      1. Alan Gauton

        Not quite - people who bought early direct from Google don't get the refund from Google, and don't get the voucher from Asus.

        I bought from Google pre-release because of the £15 play voucher, as I didn't realise retails stores would also have it. So to not be eligible for either offer does annoy me a bit.

        1. goldcd


          Tried to claim through Asus, but serial wasn't recognized (I now realize it was probably excluding those who bought direct).

          Still - I've had it since launch, and it's been an absolute gem of a device. If it'd launched today, I'd still buy it at the same price and be chuffed with it.

  2. @brykins

    Thing is....

    ....most of us that bought early would rather have an upgrade to a 32GB model than some money back. I know I's less about the actual money and more about the convenience of the extra storage space.

    1. Mike Brown

      Re: Thing is....

      Are you suggesting they send you some ram sticks, a soldering kit, and some torx screw drivers in the post?

      1. HollyHopDrive

        Re: Thing is....

        No but they could give us all an extra 32gb of cloud storage to make up. Seems a cheap and easy way to appease the early adopters. Better than nowt.

        That said, I'm well chuffed with my nexus 7 and 16gb. Well worth the 199 I paid.

      2. Mark Chapman

        Re: Thing is....

        I seem to remember buying an upgrade kit for my spectrum in 83 (16-48k) which was pretty much that...


      Re: Thing is....

      Citation needed.

      I bought my 16gb version on release day and knew what I was getting into. Pay n for x. It seemed good enough at the time that I plunked down the money and I got what I asked for.

      I'm an adult and I (try to) make informed decisions, not some whiny entitled baby, though.

      As things stand I got the £15 Play store credit AND I get the £25 Asus voucher.

      If someone didn't want a 16gb Nexus 7 they shouldn't have bought one and should have waited for something better to get with their money.

      Both the play credit, the Asus voucher and the Google 15 day reimbursement are more than generous for a device that's already great value at the price it was offered for sale at originally.

      1. Fink-Nottle

        Re: Thing is....

        Yeh, well ... I bought my N7 on release day too.

        However, I did not know what I was getting into. By purchasing the device direct from Google, I have been financially disadvantaged; I don't qualify for either the Asus £25 or the Google 15 day reimbursement.

        It's a great device, but the refund policy has kinda spoilt the experience for me.


          Re: Thing is....

          >By purchasing the device direct from Google, I have been financially disadvantaged; I don't qualify for either the Asus £25 or the Google 15 day reimbursement.

          If you bought from Google on day one, you are eligible for the Asus voucher.

          1. Alan Gauton

            Re: Thing is....

            Define day one - I ordered mine before it was released - but the Asus UK twitter feed says if you bought from Google Play you're not eligible.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why don't people instead, hold off on buying this stuff until the price has dropped and stabilised? People that pre-order or pay release price are lunatics.

    It always drops eventually.

    1. El Presidente
      Thumb Up

      Why don't people instead?

      Because three months of usage, £15's worth of free apps to use on a number of devices then a bonus £25 refund and [b]then[/b] buy a new 3G 32GB version when it comes out and [i]then[/i] offload the old one on to her indoors for an inexpensive Yuletide gift.

      1. Richard 116

        Re: Why don't people instead?

        Why El Presidente, you spoil her!

    2. The last doughnut

      Well its just a bit of a slap in the face - buy shiny new gadget, see price reduction within a couple of months after the initial release. Seems a bit unfair and all credit to them for giving out these refund vouchers, even under limited terms. Still happy enough with mine despite these unfavourable events.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seems to me the original 8GB version was a bit stingy. I'm not overly bothered as I didn't buy it to load it up with movies and music but Asus excluding Google Play purchasers is a bit mean I think.

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