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Recently, I have battled underwater in Guild Wars 2 and fought through the Temple of the Jade serpent in The Mists of Pandaria. Luckily, during my adventures, I have had the opportunity to test some of the best gaming headsets money can buy, but which headset allowed me to hear every bubble burst and even the quietest Windwalker …


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  1. flearider

    why so much ?

    ok most of those are well over priced for generic headsets most look the same ? no removable mic ?

    i'll stick with my creative fatality .. cheap well built and the sound is great ..

    1. Jon Lamb
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      Re: why so much ?

      Love my fatality headset, bought a spare just in case my current set ever fails. Not keen on the removable mike tho, keep losing the bloody thing.

      1. Miek

        Re: why so much ?

        Another +1 for the Fatality headset, mine was about £30 delivered and is the most comfortable headset I have ever used. Sound quality is great, the mic is removable, no batteries to charge. What more do you want?

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

  2. Steve I

    Any chance of a quick guide each headset's multi-imput capability? Currently using a £50 pair of Orb GPX2s and I need at least Xbox & PS3 game and voice with easy switching between the two, and a 3rd (TV?) input would be nice. Looks like the Logitech F540s might be best...

    1. IHateWearingATie


      They have a button that switches between PS3 and Xbox mode. When you switch them on they handily tell you which mode they're in as well.

  3. lawndart


    Photo of the can wearing ferret, please.

    Just thought, is that a euphemism?

  4. Zobbo


    The control box is slightly too heavy for my liking, luckily there's a clip to attach it to my bra strap.

    I feel dizzy

  5. NomNomNom

    does anyone else have a problem with the sound going in one side of the headset?

    Almost all earplugs, and headphones I buy, whether expensive or cheap only last about a year because they develop a loose connection. It's either a loose connection either in the join to the headset or the join to the plug.

    Even a pair of wireless headphones I bought (for this reason) had this same problem when the wire to the transmitter device had developed such a loose connection. I was like WTF. I guess at some point it must have been tugged or twisted slightly. But I am careful so these devices are just piss fragile.

    What happens is you notice one side of the headphone/earblug lose sound one day and you have to find the area of the loose connection and wiggle the wire around a bit to reconnect it. Over time the disconnection gets worse until no amount of re-positioning the wire works.

    For this reason I will never buy an expensive headset again, any of the above. Because I have no guarantee they won't just fail after a year.

    1. Aoyagi Aichou

      It's a fairly common issue (not that it happened to me since I got my current sent of headphones 3 years ago), but from my experience, fixing it is either really cheap of completely free.

    2. The Alpha Klutz

      this is why pro headphones come with detachable cables. They know cables break or become damaged.

      If the cable will not detach, you can cut the end off and solder on a new connector, should you have the tools handy.

      1. NomNomNom

        cool thanks will try

  6. Aoyagi Aichou


    No Sennheiser...and I like my PC350 and PC360 so much.

  7. The Alpha Klutz

    just bought Beyerdynamic DT150

    They make the DT190 that is the same but with a microphone (i.e. a headset).

    Pretty much the industry standard recording/tracking headphones. Judicious use of EQ will make them sound more fun. And a little bit cheaper than some of the cans on offer here. They look horrid but if they don't outlast every other can on the market in terms of durability I will eat my hat.

  8. Another Reader
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    It's a shame you didn't include any of the Corsair headsets (as I'd love to see a short review of them I know I can trust), but thanks for the nice summary of the headsets you did use :)

    Also I am LOVING Grimes.

  9. Greg 16

    Plantronics GameCom for me

    I've gone through several expensive gaming headsets over the years - they always fall apart. Now I use the Plantronics GameCom, which are cheap (£15 on fleabay) and built like a tank. I haven't noticed any difference in sound quality over the much more expensive sets either.

  10. Spoonsinger

    I think the review list missed the cheap but functional

    Microsoft headset, (which ASDA were flogging for a fiver not that long back). Sound quality is fine, (you can hear the screams of your allies at your misactions), microphone equally fine, (they can hear your return expletives). Noise cancellation on Teamspeak, (for instance), is also fine, so normal game sounds can come out of your monitor/speakers and you can just have the headphones for general chit-chat.

  11. PassingStrange

    Great, but what about us four-eyes?

    Please - just once would be possible to see a headset review that at least thinks about whether or not the set in question is likely to be comfortable for an extended period for someone wearing glasses?

    I need to wear glasses all the time at the computer - contacts aren't an option - and I'm not exactly in a hurry to shell out on a fine-sounding top-end set, only to find that the back of my ears gets sore as heck after a couple of hours in game. There're quite a few of us out here, so why not spare us a thought, next time, guys?

    1. Raphael

      Re: Great, but what about us four-eyes?

      I got myself glasses with an older pair of these frames about 6 years back for that very reason:

      They're light, comfortable and most importantly as the nothing sitting between your ear and your head you can wear big headsets.

      Of course mine are getting old now and I can't afford to replace the damn things.

    2. TeraTelnet

      Re: Great, but what about us four-eyes?

      I wear glasses all the time and have never had any comfort issues with the Logitech G930s, if that's any help.

  12. Shaun 2

    Just ordered a set of 2013 A40s. Not sure why they were not in this review, but i assume it's because they'd be similar to the A50s.

  13. MJI Silver badge

    I am a bit annoying

    I listen to then through the hifi and talk through the mic on the PS Eye

  14. SpaMster
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    Don't understand who would buy these massively overpriced headsets in the first place, the low end turtle beach does the job well enough

  15. Dan Howarth

    Inline controls are a weak point and why so expensive?

    So, inline controls are great and all, until they develop a fault. I've had the Plantronics GameCom 780 headset for a couple of months now and it's great! For £40, it's a very capable headset and it doesn't have a stupid in-line controller. It's all on the headset, which is good if you like gaming/watching movies in the dark.

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