back to article Asus offers compensation to pre-price drop Nexus 7 buyers

Asus customers who forked out for a Nexus 7 before the price drop on 29 October have been offered a £25 gift voucher in consolation. The coupon is limited to those who bought their device directly from Asus or Google, and not only must the slate be registered with Asus, but customers will have to provide proof of purchase too …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Nice of them, makes me feel more able to deal with people going HAHA you paid extra to get it a month early. Just not sure what I'll get with it as already got the ASUS official case and the lack of screen off thru magnets makes me feel more disenchanted with that than the price drop. Guess the mouse/keyboard combo will be the one albiet it's not bluetooth sadly :\.

    Suppose could wait for a refurbished netbook at a silly price.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Nice

      They won't be paying out too much will they,

      I mean its not like the PPI claims with the banks is it?

      They'll pay out what, maybe £750 at the most.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Limited to Asus or Google sucks. Well at least it's still a better option than the Kindle Fire.

    1. Big_Ted
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      Not just direct shows lots getting asked for proof of purchase even if bought from Tesco's etc.

  3. Pie

    Painful website to use, not got my nexus registration email yet, so can't apply for voucher, hopefully it will come soon as I can't see any way to contact them otherwise...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hmmm, mine arrived but all it does is flash up "google" for 30 seconds, then the "google" disappears, and then "google" again after a bit, and repeat...

    1. El Presidente

      "Hmmm, mine arrived but all it does is flash up "google" for 30 seconds, then the "google" disappears, and then "google" again after a bit, and repeat..."

      I'm not a qualified electrical engineer but, taking a wild guess, I think you need to charge it up mate.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Well, it's plugged in at the mains, doesn't seem to show an indication of charging... Oh well we'll see. I even read the "manual"

        1. htq

          nexus not booting up

          Yep had one out of three doing this same rebooting. Sent it back for a replacement. Problem sorted.

          1. Dana W

            Re: nexus not booting up

            That's why I went Brick and mortar to get one. But Mine has been great thankfully.

            1. Anonymous Coward
              Anonymous Coward

              Re: nexus not booting up

              Well issue was resolved by a factory reset, which was no mean feat as the tablet has a bug which means it wont go into factory reset without being plugged in via usb to a PC and another bug that meant while it was plugged into the usb the volume button didn't work.

              Also the lack of visual ques as to when to do things once you get into the screen with the little android with the red triangle (randomly hold the volume up after a random amount of time) but hey ho. It works now.

    2. Dana W

      Wild stab in the dark. Try charging it.

  5. nigel 15

    3 months

    i'm not arsed. i had my tablet about 3 months before the price drop. i'm happy to pay £25 for that time.

  6. El Presidente

    The most

    Obtuse website I've ever had the misfortune to have to use.

  7. chipxtreme

    I got mine from Tesco with a 10% off coupon so only paid £180 anyway but might as well try my luck for the £25 voucher. Nothing to lose and to be fair not fussed either way it was a bargain at £180.

  8. JaitcH
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    Smart ASUS - generates goodwill, unlike ...

    Apple and scratched 3 with it's shortened gap until V4 drops.

    1. Dana W

      Re: Smart ASUS - generates goodwill, unlike ...

      I had the first pre price drop iPhone. Apple gave us $100 gift certificates, I bought a bluetooth earpiece.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Easy as pie

    Got 2 x £25 vouchers for our Nexus7's Ordered the really nice official cover, and got a second charger, all free.


  10. Martin Silver badge

    Didn't work for me - it's complaining that the serial number is wrong.

    So I've fired them off an email - see what happens.

    1. PaulR79

      Re: Didn't work for me - it's complaining that the serial number is wrong.

      It's annoying, I had the same error message. I had something like D2KO and it gave the usual "check it's 0 or O" so I checked and it was an "O" as I'd put. I deleted the "O" and put it back in, clicked submit and it worked. That site is awful with a capital UGH!

    2. goldcd

      Same problem here

      I'm looking at my asus made tablet, typing in the serial number, and it keeps rejecting it (with a REALLY patronizing message to check I can tell the difference between a 0/O and l/1 etc..)

    3. El Presidente
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      Re: Didn't work for me - it's complaining that the serial number is wrong.

      Put the other serial number in, the one off the box starting with CK, not the serial number that the A snus website asks for.

      1. Martin Silver badge
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        Re: Didn't work for me - it's complaining that the serial number is wrong.

        I tried that - no good either. But the suggestion is appreciated!

        1. El Presidente
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          Re: Didn't work for me - it's complaining that the serial number is wrong.

          Keep trying, people elsewhere have had the correct serial number rejected several times before it was eventually accepted. Pointless until Asus empty their email box.

          Between Google Play store's handling of the sales and returns and Asus's quality control being beyond a joke, and now this £25 refund nonsense, the introduction of Nexus to the world 7 has been something of an omnishambles. Great device when you get a good one though.

          1. Martin Silver badge

            Re: Didn't work for me - it's complaining that the serial number is wrong.

            Success at the third attempt - it was the SSN - it started C6O - but that's an OH, not a ZERO...Ah well.

            1. Zot

              Re: Didn't work for me - it's complaining that the serial number is wrong.

              It's happening with us as well. I've tried every combination O/0 but it always rejects it.

              Is it the SSN or CSSN code you put in?

              Did you use 'Eee Family' product type or 'Eee pad'?

              Thanks for any help.


              *quietly screaming in corner*

              (What numpty generates codes with O's and 0's in anyway? It's easier enough to program something that rejects both in a code! Idiots!!)

              1. Anonymous Coward
                Anonymous Coward

                Re: Didn't work for me - it's complaining that the serial number is wrong.

                "Is it the SSN or CSSN code you put in?"

                I used the SSN after being unsuccessful with the CSSN. The CSSN is the serial number shown in 'About Tablet' on the device just to help with the confusion.

                The site correctly identified the device when the serial number was entered, it chose Eee pad/Nexus 7. My serial no started C8O...0, that is, alphabetical, then numerical.

  11. PaulR79

    Completed everything - no coupon

    When do you get the coupon? I've completed it all, registered but saw no obvious "coupon here!" buttons and I haven't gotten anything in an email. Has anyone figured it out yet?

    1. Chris Watson 2

      Re: Completed everything - no coupon

      You should get an email with a big smiling yellow PacMan-ish figure thanking you for registering with Asus and inviting you to send in your proof of purchase to Though, currently, anything sent to that address is bouncing with a mailbox over quota error.

      1. Kendo_Nagasaki

        Re: Completed everything - no coupon

        I got that far too. Tried emailing a couple of times. At least I now know what the Chinese for "The recipient's mailbox is full, is currently unable to accept e-mail. Please try to re-send this e-mail, or direct contact with the recipient."

        (Thanks to Google for the translation, BTW.)

        I'm guessing that there's an Exchange server at Asus Towers that is choked with scanned images of Tesco and PC World receipts.)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Completed everything - no coupon

      Well first you learn to read, and then you visit the promo website that tells you the 3 simple steps you have to do.

      To redeem your ₤25 coupon, follow these three simple steps:

      Step 1:

      Register your Nexus 7 at the ASUS member site

      Step 2:

      Receive a successful registration email containing the Nexus 7 Coupon Offer, and submit your proof of purchase.

      Step 3:

      You will receive your ₤25 ASUS Shop coupon* by email once your application has been confirmed.

      1. PaulR79


        Learning to read is something I've been able to do for quite a while but seems to have passed you by quite spectacularly. I registered at ASUS site, as I mentioned, filled everything in and ....... nothing. The only thing close I've received is a 10% discount code at checkout. Thanks for the superior attitude though, really helped me with the problem!

        1. Richard 116

          Re: @Anon

          Exactly the same for me. Let us know if you have any success.

      2. El Presidente

        Re: Well first you learn to read

        And the reading writing on the website tells you to enter the CSSN

        Even demonstrates where on the device you can find the CSSN

        Website only accepts the SSN

        See? First you learn to walk into a conversation mouth first. Then you learn to do otherwise.

        1. PaulR79

          @El Presidente

          I'll put this as clearly as I can since you and AC have some problem understanding. My serial has been accepted, it is recognised as a Nexus 7 (I don't change or pick which tablet) and registration works but no coupon, only a discount code.

          1. El Presidente

            Re: @El Presidente

            Oh dear, sorry to hear that (snigger)

            Got both my emails from Asus (giggle)

            Guess you're still doing something wrong LOL

  12. Cliff

    Wow - those serial numbers are tough to guess

    Been through all the small numbers on the box, and on the device where it says 'serial number' - wrong, wrong, wrong. I am stranded.

    It appears the 'O' and '0' are about 0.12mm different from each other which doesn't help, not that that solved anything.

    1. pabc

      Re: Wow - those serial numbers are tough to guess

      website says serial is wrong when I try to submit the form, despite the ajax code detecting the serial I enter as being a eeppad / nexus 7 and propulating some of the form for me.

      A bit of searching suggest the 16 digit hexadecimal code from the tablet menus is a CSSN, not a SSN which is required by ASUS and is on the sticker on the box.

      I tried the CSN and it worked first time. The first 6 characters are letters - the 0 and O on the font used is very difficult to see a difference

      1. Cliff

        Re: Wow - those serial numbers are tough to guess

        A#AAAA###### ???

        Mine seems to be C7OKBC009### - yet it is still rejected - driving me nuts...

        Cheers for backing up that it is not the 16-digit hex number but the other, unuseable number

        1. Berwhale

          Re: Wow - those serial numbers are tough to guess

          If you get the number wrong, you have to refill all the other fields, even if it looks like they have the correct data in them.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Off topic, but...

    Why the hell do companies use both 0's and O's in serial numbers? If they're going through the alphabet can't they skip O the same way hotels go from the 12th to the 14th floor?

  14. Berwhale

    Only for 16GB Version

    I registered both an 8GB and a 16GB version on different e-mail and Asus accounts. I received 10% off vouchers for both, but only got the £25 coupon e-mail for the 16GB version. The e-mail states that the offer is only for the 16GB version, but this is not mentioned on the original offer...

    T&Cs from Coupon e-mail:

    To qualify for this offer you must have::

    1. Purchased 16GB Nexus 7 before October 29th 2012

    2. Purchased 16GB Nexus 7 from an ASUS retailer or online retailer

    3. Completed Registration at our ASUS member site

    4. Submitted your proof of purchase to

    Does this qualify as a marketing scam to get all the 8Gb owners to register their devices?

    1. PaulR79

      Re: Only for 16GB Version

      If this is right then their offer is misleading. 16GB paid more before the 32GB version came out but so too did 8GB owners like myself. If true then they've managed to turn a potential future customer away from ASUS their products and left a lasting impression that only some of their customers are worth their time.

  15. Alain

    A bit more generous here in France ?

    30 € voucher, eligible to all buyers from the major distribution chains (Darty, Auchan, Boulanger etc.) as well.

    However shipping charges are not covered.

  16. Richard 116

    Quite ridiculous

    As previously mentioned, the website is a joke, the registration process is a nightmare and how you receive the coupon seems to be akin to the search for The Holy Grail.

    I'd give up but now I've gone too far and damn it, I will not be defeated!

  17. Richard Lloyd

    It can be done, but it's painful

    I eventually registered my N7 after about the 10th attempt. You need the 12-digit SSN serial number beginning with a "C" from the N7 cardboard box (the 16-digit hex serial number displayed in the Settings and on the cardbioard box as "SSSN" - which the Asus site stupidly actually tells you use - is *not* the serial number they're after). Folks on the HUKD forum cleverly suggested installing a barcode reader app and using that to scan the barcode below the SSN on the cardboard box.

    The latest snag is that I never got the e-mail instructions for sending the proof of purchase, but apparently you send it to - or, actually, you don't until at least Monday, because the buffoons at Asus now have a full inbox and all e-mails to that address are bouncing!

    Looking at the Asus store, you get 19 quid to spend (postage is a minimum of 6 quid), so that rules out getting the charger/cable for free, so I guess it's one of the cases then. The store is so expensive (typically twice the price of anywhere else), that there's very little you can get for 19 quid that's worthwhile and the aggro I've had with this has probably exceeded 19 quid's worth of my time!

  18. Sparc

    Getting there I hoped!

    After entering the SSN number (printed on the packaging box for the Nexus 7) several times, I've managed to register the tablet with Asus.

    I am now at the stage of sending them a proof of purchase of the tablet using the suggested email address. Unfortunately, I am getting an auto reply back from them saying (in Chinese) that their email-box is currently full, and should send them the email again later, or to contact the recipient of the e-mail directly!

    I will try sending them the e-mail again later.

  19. delaneya

    All good and well if I did not get the error Serial number incorrect!. And before anyone says. It is correct.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You have to use the SSN on the box. The serial no reported in 'About Tablet' is the CSSN on the box which didn't work for me.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I just sent in my proof of purchase and received a response in Chinese. According to Google translate, it reads:

    "The recipient's mailbox is full, is currently unable to accept e-mail.Please try to re-send this e-mail, or direct contact with the recipient."

    They must be getting a fair few requests.

  21. Anonymous John

    Judging by the comments, I'm glad I waited for the 32GB one.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Judging by the comments, I'm glad I waited for the 32GB one."

      Umm why? I don't see how that is relevant. If you'd bought a 16GB version when you needed 32GB storage, you'd be a fool. Your comment is basically saying "I waited for the model I need" so, well done.

      This article is about customers who bought 16GB models getting a discount since the price drop of the 16GB model. I'm assuming those who bought the 16GB model did so because 16GB is enough so waiting would make no difference other than in price - which Asus are kindly sorting.

  22. Cliff


    Well, I have tried again, the exact same 'wrong' C7Oxx##### code the site //insisted// was invalid yesterday, and today it just tells me I got the purchase date wrong. Brilliant. So it knows what and when I bought but won't play the game until I work out the timezone difference and enter a day different. But tada! It now does indeed recognise I bought a Nexus 7!!

    Persevere, mes amis

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    WOW, this place really is full of idiots.

    Half of them trying to register non-eligible products, the other half having problems reading serial numbers off the box.

    I registered both ours in 5 minutes, got both both emails, and sent both proof of purchases off, was a doddle, no problems whatsoever.

    1. Martin Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Re: WOW, this place really is full of idiots.

      So, if I read a serial number from my Nexus 7 (not the box, the actual item) which states clearly that it is a SERIAL NUMBER - and it also clearly states on the web site that this is the number I need - but it doesn't work, I'm an idiot.

      Whereas you guessed that the box number SSN, rather than the CSSN, is the right one - even thought it is NOT what is stated on the web site - and you're not an idiot.

      The only difference between me and you is that you were lucky enough to ignore the instructions, picked a random choice of two - and it happened to work. I read the instructions and the instructions were wrong.

      Please don't be so quick to throw around insults, just because you had a bit of luck going your way.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: WOW, this place really is full of idiots.

        "Please don't be so quick to throw around insults, just because you had a bit of luck going your way."

        Upvote, especially since when I entered the serial no from the device in 'About Tablet' the correct product got automatically selected in the list, but I was still told it was an unrecognised serial number.

        Only by random thought did I think to check the box matched the software where I saw the SSN/CSSN variations and tried the other which was accepted.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: WOW, this place really is full of idiots.

      And idiots who can't count - I filled in the form, had problems with the site not recognising the number, got it to work once Asus got over their self-acknowledged technical problems, and still only got a 10% offer. No mention of where to send to proof of purchase, and when I did e-mail them the mail bounced due to a full mailbox.

      So the only idiot here is the one who thinks everyone is else is an idiot because Asus mucked things up.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: WOW, this place really is full of idiots.

      "was a doddle, no problems whatsoever."

      I smell a troll. My reason? The mailbox you send your proof of purchase to has been full since at least 1:30 this morning. Meaning you're either lying, or within a few minutes of sending your proof of purchase you'd have a response saying the mailbox is full. I've just re-tried sending mine to confirm this and it's still full.

  24. mhoneywell

    Do the right thing

    It's the right thing to do, nice to see someone do paraphrase Spike Lee.

  25. Alan Gauton
    Thumb Down

    NOT for Google customers

    Asus UK now saying on their twitter feed that Nexus 7s bought direct from Google don't qualify for the £25.

    1. Richard 116
      Thumb Down

      Re: NOT for Google customers

      This ^^

      And I see El Reg has changed the article to reflect this news.

      Oh well, both people who bought direct from ASUS will be pleased I guess. Out of interest, could either of them confirm whether they got the £25 Play voucher when they first got the device?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: NOT for Google customers

      Google have already given you £15 to spend on the play store....

      1. Alan Gauton

        Re: NOT for Google customers

        While that is true - people who bought from other places got the £15 Play voucher as well.

      2. Richard 116

        Re: NOT for Google customers

        Sorry. Meant to say £15 not £25. After a weekend on the ASUS website I'm a little befuddled.

    3. This post has been deleted by its author

  26. Richard Lloyd

    No idea why the proof of purchase wasn't an upload to your Asus account

    Instead of full mailboxes and the added difficulty of tying in proof of purchases to the registered Nexus 7's in people's Asus accounts, why didn't they just let you upload the proof of purchase from within your Asus account? I guess this would have required some coding/validation, which they decided they couldn't do in a timely manner.

    I did eventually send off my proof of purchase this evening (and it didn't bounce - yay!), but I'm not hugely optimistic about the whole thing - it seems to have been a shambles throughout:

    * No obvious indication that it's for 16GB Nexus 7 owners only (which happens to also rule out the Google Play 8GB purchasers).

    * Incorrect screenshot w.r.t. the serial number - the 16-digit one (that's in the Settings page) is the wrong one. It's the 12-digit one on the cardboard box and it *is* hard to distinguish 0, O and D's before you ask!

    * After putting in the serial number, date of purchase and the retailer you got it from, you've still got to e-mail proof of purchase, even though they've probably already got enough info to verify your purchase.

    * E-mailing the purchase proof to Asus was bouncing back throughout the weekend, which was simply poor planning on their part.Iit was deadly obvious that you'd have PDF/screenshots/HTML flying into their inbox at a rate of knots, so to not prepare for this was a double facepalm moment.

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