back to article Apple is Superman's digital Kryptonite

DC Comics, home to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Watchmen, has started to sell individual issues of its comics on Amazon's Kindle, the iDevice menagerie and the Nook e-reader. DC has previously sold graphic novels on the three electronic bookstores, but only offered individual issues through third-party apps. The comics …


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  1. Steve Todd

    So the news is

    that Amazon haven't updated the Kindle app on the iOS platform to support comics?

    1. My Alter Ego

      Re: So the news is

      More like, Amazon updated their Kindle app for iOS, but it's been rejected because the person testing it found questionable content in one of the cartoons, and now it's been reclassified as an adult app.

      1. Thomas 4
        IT Angle

        Re: So the news is

        My guess is that its to do selling content under the Apple store. Isn't there some kind of issue that prevents an app selling items without letting Apple getting a slice of any proceeds?

        1. Steve Todd

          Re: So the news is

          The only rule is that if you sell content in an external store then EITHER you make it available for purchase at the same price inside of the app (at which point Apple gets its cut) OR you're not allowed to link to the store from inside of the app. Kindle works the second way on iOS. You can buy stuff on the Amazon web site, but there's no link to it from the Kindle app.

  2. Si 1


    I'm not sure why anyone would want to use Kindle etc for comics anyway. Comixology's app is much better with the "guided view" feature that zooms and borders each panel in the comic book. Plus all the comics are scanned at a high res now so iPad 3/4 and Nexus 10 devices get really sharp looking comics. Then of course there's the selection on Comixology which is absolutely massive with hundreds of publishers on there.

    I'm off to read some more Avengers...

  3. Chris SC

    Re: Dead tree

    We're still doing that?

  4. JP 6

    Not yet for Nook

    So far the only individual comics (of DC) available on the Nook are the ones people have scanned and offered for sale. Finding comics for the nook at is not easy. The fastest way is to type in "Arts & Entertainment" and select Newsstand. The comics SUBSCRIPTIONS start about the third page.

    . There are Graphic novels available.

    1. JP 6

      Now they are there

      OK, the single issue for the Nook are now online. The easiest way to find them at is to search for Single Issue Comics under Nook Books. Not all are available.

  5. Lloyd

    You say sell

    But are they "sold" or "leased"?

    1. JP 6

      Re: You say sell

      FOR THE NOOK, the comics stay on your Nook until you delete them (or your Nook gets deleted). They still exist in your online library. There is a Nook application for the PC. You can read your library from either device.

      If you found a way to print them, the publisher would be upset for sure.

      So, yes, you OWN certain rights. There is an option to LEND but I haven't used it.

  6. Loyal Commenter Silver badge

    Apple's Walled Garden

    Where the walls are so strong not even Superman can break in.

    This could lend support to the idea that Apple is now being run by Lex Luthor...

  7. cortland

    Just juxtaposition and YMMV

    Apple is Superman's Snake-fondling blonde

    digital Kryptonite nude punts Polish coffins


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