back to article Xbox SmartGlass comes to iOS

The iOS version of Xbox SmartGlass hit the App Store this week, bringing Microsoft's advanced remote console controllability to those with Apple devices a week after the release of the Android version. Microsoft's Xbox SmartGlass technology turns mobile gadgets like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into interactive second …


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  1. D@v3

    not a new app

    just had a quick look for it on my iPhone, and instead of giving me the option to install, as one would expect, it was offering me an 'update', I'm assuming to the existing 'My Xbox Live' app.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Windows Phone 7 ?

    If Microsoft can't be bothered to support WP7, why should I care about Windows 8 ?

    1. nickoli the red

      Re: Windows Phone 7 ?

      it runs on WP7 - I've got it on my 710.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Windows Phone 7 ?

        maybe apologies are in order ? I searched the Zune marketplace ... let my try from the phone ....


        Oh yes - just installed it (although it won't work 100%, apparently my HTC Trophy doesn't have a gyroscope. I thought one of WP7s selling points was minimum hardware specs ?).

        Don't play XBox at all, but it'll do my sons head in ;)

    2. DJ Smiley

      Re: Windows Phone 7 ?

      Same reason you don't care about IOS5 and Old Android versions of course.

      Your point is valid, but it doesn't merely relate to MS, it is something that is broken on all the major mobile platforms.

      As an aside, this morning I was handed a laptop which was running thunderbird 2...... I'd never even heard of thunderbird when they had released version two so that was fun - Instead of just uninstalling and reinstalling I simply kept hitting the "search for updates" button and updating to the next version it suggested. it went from 1 -> 3 -> 12 quite happily, did the same with Firefox as well, although that wasn't nearly as outdated.

      Until someone realizes mobiles need this level of simple upgrading then there is always going to be po'ed customers wondering why they can't at least try out the latest apps etc.

      1. Magnus Ramage

        Re: Windows Phone 7 ?

        "Until someone realizes mobiles need this level of simple upgrading then there is always going to be po'ed customers wondering why they can't at least try out the latest apps etc."

        I don't quite get this post. Are you referring to OS updates or app updates? If it's the latter, then Android at least manages something quite similar to your Thunderbird & Firefox experience via Google Play - I regularly get notifications of app updates, and it's very easy to go in and install them; I presume iOS does something similar via iTunes.

        What's more of a problem for Android is the OS update cycle, which is partly a result of there being so many Android handsets, each with specialised drivers etc; and partly as a result of manufacturers/operators insisting on installing their own junk on top of stock Android to differentiate themselves from the competition. Unless you go down the Flash ROM route (not hard but not for the average punter) it makes it difficult to keep up.

        Apple is better in this respect, of course, but they have it easy with supporting just a few handsets at a time (and refusing to support some of them) - and even there you have to accept that if you want the upgrade, you take their broken Maps apps etc.

    3. Casca Silver badge

      Re: Windows Phone 7 ?

      WP7 already has this app.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The untalked about joys of iOS fragmentation..

    "Customer reviews point out that it fails to support the 4in, 640 x 1136 display on the iPhone 5, however, sandwiching the app letterbox style. Sloppy. "

    Yep, applications have to be rewritten on iOS, each time Apple device to do a new display aspect ration (which of course explains why the iPad Mini is stuck with fat format 4:3 of the iPad2).

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    >sandwiching the app letterbox style.

    Get used to that sandwich.

  5. Sooty

    I tried the iPad version

    My initial experiences weren't good.

    On trying to sign in I was presented with an error saying that there wasn't a mobile version of the page I was trying to access.

    Figuring out that I'd managed to get my password wrong, I looked it up... After entering it correctly I was then presented with an error saying the terms of service had been updated, and was thrown back to the login screen.

    After logging in via the website and accepting the terms and conditions, I was finally allowed to login.

    Then I just had to do all the settings on my 360 to get it to connect... It's not exactly bad, but it could do with a. Few coats of polish!

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