back to article CA Technologies sues New Relic over APM patents

CA Technologies, the former Computer Associates, has thrown a patent sueball at application performance management (APM) software rival New Relic in Federal court. The lawsuit, filed yesterday in the US District Court for the Eastern District in New York, claims that New Relic violated three patents that came into CA's …


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  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    "We will vigorously take all steps necessary to ensure that our intellectual property is protected."

    Some variable amount of "our" may apply.

  2. James Anderson

    patent no. u1005

    A method whereby license fees are increased annually by an automatic process which simultaneously reduces functionality of a software product. In addition the device or software will automatically increase support fees while removing any liability for support from the contract. This device or software will interface with any patent u1004 - a method for replacing skilled staff with low cost humanoids.

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