back to article Belkin flaunts non-Apple Lightning add-ons

Belkin has announced a couple of iOS accessories for Apple's new lightning connecter, the first third-party products from a name brand to do so. The company's 'Car Charger for Lightning' and 'Charge + Sync Dock' are available for pre-order from tomorrow, both with a price-tag of £25. The latter features a foldaway aux jack, a …


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  1. Velv

    I'd rather buy some cheap Chinese assembled junk that works intermittently and breaks after just a few weeks.

    Oh, wait ...

  2. Bassey

    Not available

    If they aren't available until mid-November then how do you know they will be the first? There is still a couple of weeks for someone to beat them to it by, you know, maybe announcing something that is actually available to buy!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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