back to article Sysadmins: Basically a happy lot, but frustrated and underpaid

In old days, you used to throw raw meat into the glass house with an occasional paycheck and the mainframes pumped out the reports and processed the transactions somewhat magically as far as managers and users were concerned. But these days, all users are acquainted with computers and they know exactly who to blame – system …


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    I wish the IT crowd had an Americanized version. I cannot get enough of the original series via Netflix.

    1. Robert Grant

      That's weird

      I've never watched a US series I liked and thought, "Well this is great, but I wish there were a British version."

      Still, this finally explains the existence of the US Office.

    2. Captain Underpants

      There was work done towards a US version, as I recall, and then someone wisely decided that the show wouldn't survive the transition with any of its merits intact. (Funnily enough the same thing happened to Red Dwarf).

      If you want to get an idea of the type of bullet you dodged, go to youtube and search for the German version. No, I'm not kidding. It was sufficiently bad that it was cancelled after the second episode was broadcast.

  2. SirDigalot


    I fall somewhere near the bottom of some of those charts, mainly the "liking the job" parts, everything else though is quite eerily accurate (I do not watch BBT though never really liked it don't know why it has all the right jokes.)

    still I cannot complain too much, the job has been reasonably good to me, I wonder if they did an international poll since I would imagine it is slightly different for the equivalent positions in the UK or did they straight convert things like pay to USD?

    1. Bertrand_H

      Re: apparently

      Actually we will soon publish the results of our international survey. We are also eager to see how it compares to US sysadmin survey results. Stay tuned for more information!

  3. Lee Dowling Silver badge

    Apparently I'm an outlier, then.

    Because apart from The Big Bang Theory, the only other things I've ever watched is ALF (admittedly a LONG time ago).

    And *Aliens* (sequel) would be top of all the other movies and I can't stand Star Wars / Trek / LOTR (despite being a Tolkein fan).

    From the game list, I haven't even touched Call of Duty. Mario? well, I've played it but after you complete it once, that's it, same for GTA (although I've not touched anything past 3 despite owning the entire pack on Steam). Not touched Zelda or WoW or Sims or Guitar Hero and would be ashamed of the last two if I had. Or Crysis come to that. Yet I have 500+ games on Steam that get a lot of play.

    And "arguing about superheroes"? Though I accept the stereotype from The Big Bang Theory (and I have a bit of all three main characters in my persona, though not as much Sheldon as I'd like), I've never done that, even when I was a kid. I've always assumed the comic-book thing was an inherently US thing. Sure, I bought *comics* (as Sheldon is keen to distinguish) when I was a kid, but I have owned precisely one "comic book" which was a beautifully-drawn Aliens Issue 1 (which I bought because it was Aliens, basically), which has a minor character with my surname. And I was about 11 at the time.

    And The IT Crowd? Please - it's horrendous and NOT FUNNY. Not one bit.

    1. thegrouch

      IT Crowd IS funny I'm afraid but certainly not accurate.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There some Unix Sysadmins where I work who take home $14.5K/£9K a month. Oh, and get 8-9 weeks leave per year.

    Desperately trying to get me some of that...

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