back to article Cash rains DOWN on the Cloud - Nasuni trousers $20m

Cash is raining down on cloud storage startups - and now Nasuni has netted a $20m wad of C-round funding. Nasuni provides a gateway to online storage with a local cache of files for branch offices. It recently added the capability for block data access - NAS plus unified storage, or Nasuni for short. The clouds can be private …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Deny IT and See your False Fabricated Worlds Destroyed* .... Part 2

    Nasuni's pitch is that existing data centre storage arrays are being disaggregated: primary data is going to flash storage and everything else is going off to the cloud.

    That may be Nasuni's pitch but it is trumped and rendered second tier over-rated whenever primary proprietary data in secure and secret cloud systems goes to start up boot/Ready Access Read Only memory.

    Then do systems work for primary proprietary metadata suppliers providing future protected and secured secrets programs …… which are really sophisticated smarter algorithms in Virtual Machinery.

    Which has one then pondering on Mankind being ruled by Machines and treated as base models for media supplied and reported tasks, as considered appropriate by obviously SMARTR Administrative Services with Super IntelAIgent Servers.

    Cloud gateway startups take an axe to storage array controllers, chopping them off and replacing them with their own boxes. These arrays are dinosaurs, according to people like Rodriguez, and they're facing imminent extinction.

    El Reg storage desk isn't at all sure about that. …… Don't bet any sensible money or your shirts on that not being the case, El Reg, unless you wannabe penniless and naked, for it most definitely aint false, and that makes it too true.

    There has been a quite quiet fundamental revolution and fabless universal coup which has transferred global power ownership to virtual control systems analysts and IT FutureBuilders who may or may not be Anonymous Associate Affiliate AAA++Bilderbergers

    *Deny IT and See your False Fabricated Worlds Destroyed .... Part 1

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Deny IT and See your False Fabricated Worlds Destroyed* .... Part 2

      Hmmm :-) ..... How APT. I have just realised what day it is today.

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