back to article PC builder Lenovo to pump iron, invade hefty biz systems sector

PC builder Lenovo is making a play for heavier duty infrastructure kit as it tries to make its presence felt beyond commoditised desktops and mobile systems. The Enterprise Product Group (EPG) has launched stateside ahead of a Euro blitz in 2013 - it will house server, storage, networking, software and cloud services to be …


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  1. terry 1
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    can believe it

    Compared to HP, Lenovos kit is cheaper and just as good. I have been selling Lenovo 10:1 over HP in the last year.

    Today im installing i7's at a school and saved them a grand over the HP equivalent.

  2. TRT Silver badge

    Yes, but...

    Lenovo were the last of the big builders to keep ATX compatible PSUs in their boxes. Now they've gone the way of HP, Dell, Fujitsu etc. and have started building with 12V only.

    The problem comes in two forms.

    First, as a medical university, our supply is on the hospital grid which gets taken down dirtily every month. This inevitably FUBARS the PSU of anyone who forgets to completely unplug their computer. After encountering this phenomenon, I now keep a couple of brand new 500-600W ATX supplies in stock for a 15 minute recovery. With 12V only, I have to order the part in and it can take three weeks to fix.

    Secondly, if someone wants a super-duper workstation for graphics, I can no longer buy an off the shelf build, like a top of the line i7, strip out the PSU, add a top notch graphics card in there and put in a PSU to match. I'm having to scratch build systems with the inevitable "this mobo etc. is out of stock" issues meaning returning half a dozen matched bits to the supplier and a three week wait for replacements.

    No-one can tell me which models still have ATX supplies, or which will come with 12V only.

    Soultions: they should build the spec the customer asks for rather than tell them, no, you can't have that model with an ATX supply, or the PSU makers are going to have to start upping the watts and making a second "standard" of PSU.

    Why is ther eno rage icon?

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