back to article NBN set to tap into Asian growth

Australia’s National Broadband Network is being positioned as a key trump card in accelerating economic and technology traction in the Asian markets following the release of government white paper ‘Australia in the Asian Century’. The NBN is at the core of one the national objectives of the white paper to make Australia’s …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Good man, that Conroy

    "Like Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, the Gillard Government is investing in super-fast broadband because we understand how fundamentally important the digital economy is for Australia’s continued economic growth and social well being," Conroy said. "This will enable Australians to import high quality Asian porn much faster than before."

    I talked to the NBN folk a few weeks ago and it looks like we'll be getting our fibre in around ten years time. You'd think an area prone to major natural disasters combined with unreliable Telstra infrastructure would be nudged up the waiting list a bit. Apparently not.

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