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Nearly a month has passed since EA kicked off sales for its latest Fifa release and, despite an influx of other impressive titles including PES 2013, the king of footie games remains firmly at the top of the UK charts. That's hardly a surprise in a population so grossly obsessed with the 'beautiful game'. Fifa 13 Kept alive …


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  1. Martin Huizing
    Paris Hilton

    Re: Kinect and Move...

    "There's also the addition of Kinect and Move functionality, not that it's anything other than a gimmick to tick the feature box. "

    Either EA shot themselves in the foot with not implementing this properly or the reviewer didn't have the room to try it out. I find football games to be perfect for Kinect and Move! Can we expect a more in-depth review with more Kinect / move play time added?

    Paris as she likes things more in-depth as well !

  2. Prof Denzil Dexter

    more importantly, how is Rooney's hairline looking in the latest incarnation?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does it have profanity and monkey chants, followed by pathetic fines?

  4. intuneontime

    "There's still no online multiplayer option for guests to join in" - eh? I thought you can add a guest in Head-to-Head mode?

  5. Giles Jones Gold badge

    Never understood the point of football games unless you're into strategy or football management.

    Just go find a field, spend a tenner on a ball and have a kick around. A lot more fun.

    1. cosymart

      You have to be fit to do that. This is couch potato mode of play :-)

  6. Bill Neal


    What about the story floating around the internet that 13 is just a copy of 12?

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      Thumb Up

      Re: 12=13?

      They're all the same anyway.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 12=13?

      Think its just the Wii version which is the same. Also, PSVita FIFA13 is, I think, the same as the previous FIFA football (though as Vita arrived during the year its perhaps more of a case of them getting the first version out and starting the annual upgrade process with 14) ... though in both cases I think the soundtracks have changed!

  7. Tommy Pock

    FIFA peaked with '97, and every version since FIFA RTWC '98 has been rubbish in comparison.

    Football games in general, of course, peaked with Kick Off 2 ,which has never been bettered. Sensible Soccer came close.

    1. Prof Denzil Dexter

      Aah, RTWC 98, that brings back memories. I remember it being the last FIFA where you could, as a striker, tackle the keeper when he kicked the ball out of hand, and if you timed it right, it wouldn't be a foul.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sensible Soccer / Kick Off

    *sigh* I miss those games for the sheer pick up and just have a good old kick about.

    My son got Pro Evolution Soccer for his console. I figured, not having played either PES or FIFA, that it would have a quick play option and be "straight forward" for someone to pick up. He struggled passing a bit where he had to navigate through some cones as part of training... He gave up and its sat on the shelf since. He's shown no signs of wanting to try PES or FIFA since. I'd have liked it if it was simple to get the ball, navigate with the sticks and press X to shoot at the goal.

    If it had been like Kick Off (I lost too many hours on that!) then I think he'd be still playing it.

  9. Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

    I'd like to see

    more real life problems

    Got a top notch midfielder? no you have because he's in jail for GBH.

    Your star striker has just burned his house down during a party.

    your best defender is now in hiding because of a rumor he sexually prefers sheep started by a lurid story in a red top 'news' paper

    And finally a 10 point deduction because the chairman has done a runner with the inland revenue's money leaving you staring at relegation and the club goes bankrupt as a result

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: I'd like to see

      Back in the day, I used to play a text based footy management game called 'Champions' on the Dragon 32. Was written in basic, so you could get into the code, and simulate very similar scenarios to the ones you mentioned. Amending that code to report that, instead of having a 'cartilage operation' and missing 6 months of the season, my striker had 'gone mental' and been committed (and other similarly 'hilarious' outcomes), also shaped my career choice, and I'm now an Application Developer. Perhaps, rather than stuff like the Raspberry Pi, providing code that 9 year olds can cock around with would be the way to inspire the next generation of geeks. Okay, I appear to have wandered a bit......

  10. technocrat


    Lack of comment about all the crashing thats going on in career mode, they've had to issue hotfixes (both for the xbox and the ps3 version) which has aleviated some gamers issues (mine included touch wood). A lot of people still having crashing consoles though!

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Supprised they don't do this type of game on yearly subscription

    Given the content is mostly changing teams in a few leagues and players age and names, then this type of game is perfect for a subscription model and with that I'm supprised EA has not tried vampiring that approach.

    But there again that would require a fixed/stable development/ongoing support team and with the fixed yearly release model they take currently then EA does have the option to just change the development team yearly, just for the hell of it if they wished.

    Oh well, those that play these types of games will already know what its about and either buy it or not, many just wait a year and play a year behind and save alot of money.

    When they have good multiplayer football ala TeamFortress2 style, then I'll bite.

    --Paris as they still have to implement pitch invasion streakers (fashionable in the 80's)

  12. Brad Ackerman

    Needs more Slitty McMurderson

    Maybe I'm just not enough of a sports fan, but I thought Yahtzee's review of Fifa 13 was a million times more entertaining.

  13. Citizen Kaned

    move might be interesting...

    as i only play offline ps3 can anyone tell me if the usual issues still exist? same scripted transfers (there shouldnt be any first season, i want to play with current teams until xmas!!)

    young players still not grow? and when they do its scripted rather than how they actually play?!

    career mode always seems to be so poorly tested it kills the fun.

  14. PassiveSmoking

    45 quid for the same game you probably paid 45 quid for last year except with the player shirt skins juggled around?

    No wonder football clubs can afford to pay their idiot manchild employees obscene amounts of money, their fans obviously all fall into the "one born every minute" category.

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