back to article VMware helps Hadoop roam the Serengeti a little easier

VMware wants every workload to be virtualized, even high performance computing, data warehousing, and Hadoop data munching workloads. The server virtualization juggernaut will get around to HPC and data warehousing at some point, but it already has a start on Hadoop with Project Serengeti. That project got some tweaks this week …


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  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    hardware compatibility

    will bite vmware in this field I think. Especially on the storage front, they support hardly any storage controllers, and I suspect it will complicate lives even more for those folks that forgo formal RAID in exchange for letting hadoop handle the redundancy given the extra layer of the hypervisor and added complexity.

    1. Chris Tierney

      Re: hardware compatibility

      It's ironic then that they are owned by a storage company

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