back to article Unisys tastes red ink in mouth after pension chop-slap

Mainframe and services provider Unisys has spent years cleaning up its finances, getting its debt reduced and costs in line with sales so it can show Wall Street some profits. And in the third quarter, weaker demand for short-term services engagements and continuing softness in business with the US federal government held down …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Most surprising thing...

    Is that Unisys is still around. I was sure someone ate it years ago.

  2. Sporkinum

    Surprised still around as well

    I started as a computer operator on Burroughs B3500 and then on Sperry/Unisys 1100/60. Nine track tapes and punch cards, bitches!

    1. Ted Treen
      Thumb Up

      Re: Surprised still around as well

      I started with Burroughs at the start of the '80's as a techie - specifically for the launch of the B20 (CTOS powered desktop micro).

      Happy days - and a good time too!

  3. Admiral Grace Hopper
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    I was once given the opportunity for a stateside jolly for a training course on a Unisys product that now seems to be defunct. The course was being run in two places, Palo Alto and Malvern Pa. I wound up in Pennsylvania, in February. The good news was that Unisys turned out to be staffed by friendly, competent people who were a joy to work with, so I'm glad that they're still with us.

  4. Ged T

    ...Pension Chop/Slap?

    Looking at the $28m-ish pension figure, in comparison with the other financial figures and drivers disclosed in this article, I don't get the use of the headline - The pension administration charges seem to be the least of its worries of what appears to be a well run but currently unfortunate and circumstantially disadvantaged business.

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