back to article Mighty Acer still weaving after 2011's knockdown punch

The once unstoppable sales juggernaut Acer still hasn't regained the momentum that carried it close to the top of the PC market, certainly if its Q3 prelims are anything to go by. Revenues for the calendar third quarter slid 5.6 per cent to NT$104.4bn (£2.22bn), down 11.4 per cent on the same period a year ago. The problem is …


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  2. Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

    Won't be missed when they go pop.

    Not surprising seeing as their product line now is much the same as the one that didn't sell leading to the huge inventory problem. A vast variety of machines on the '16:9 dvd player first & laptop computer second' theme. Nothing 16:10, nothing 4:3, nothing cruft free for business users, little by way of SSD. Dozens of models listed and they're all, within a very little, exactly the same.

    I love my old TravelMate 6592G which gets looked after with exquisite care and is now fully 2 years past its scheduled retirement date. I regularly scour the Acer lists for a replacement but there is none. Seems they just don't want my business any more.

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