back to article Samsung's Japanese iPhone block bid fails

Apple’s global patent dispute with Samsung took another twist at the weekend after it was revealed a Tokyo court rejected a request by the Korean electronics giant for an injunction to stop all iPhone sales in Japan. Samsung’s patent infringement claims revolved around technology used in the iPhone 4 and 4S for the downloading …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is beginning to sound like an American football game. Each side looking for offsetting penalties.

    1. Tom 38 Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Penalty for the offence - rounded corners - $1 billion penalty - repeat 5th circuit appeals.

  2. Monty Burns

    Does anyone give a shit anymore?

    Really? Anyone else bored senseless? Give up the pair of you and start acting like adults.

  3. VaalDonkie

    The moment when you stop putting the customer first is the moment I take my business elsewhere.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "The moment when you stop putting the customer first is the moment I take my business elsewhere."

      Wow, either that is a fatuous and meaningless outburst, or you are all but economically inactive.

  4. Alan Brown Silver badge


    Samsung has decided the best course of action is to wear Apple down by draining their funds fighting legal action.

    The problem with playing global thermonuclear war is that once started, it's impossible to start - and let's not forget that Apples fired the first salvos.

    1. JetSetJim Silver badge

      Re: Perhaps.....

      Given Apple have over $100bn in cash lying around under various mattresses, I suspect that this wasn't Sammy's objective in launching the proceedings.

      One does have to wonder if the legal departments of both companies have some weird "performance related pay" incentive scheme resulting in all these suits being fired off all over the world.

    2. Philip Lewis

      Re: Perhaps.....

      Learn to do research. Apple is not even close to being the company that fired the first shots!

    3. Philip Lewis

      Re: Perhaps.....

      Samsung could have decided not to be a "cheap copy" supplier from the outset, but they didn't.

      On a different point, I had a Galaxy something or other in my hand yesterday, running some version of Android 2.3.x. Another phone for which Samsung has decided not to offer any upgrades. The first thing that struck me was the big green battery on the lock screen (is that the term?) I mean, there are a zillion ways to visually represent power life expectancy, and an infinite number of colours available. So just why DID Google choose something quite obviously a "look-a-like" of the Apple?

      1. Oninoshiko

        Re: Perhaps.....

        maybe because we have been using a filled battery to represent the fullness of a battery, oh since before the iphone existed? (note the battery, and that this image was uploaded before the iphone was released. So, why did apple need to steal the appearance from palm?)

        as to why green, it's indicated safety since atleast the 1800s:

        Of course, Apple likes to steal symbols from railroads, dont they?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Perhaps.....

          an apologist answer if ever there was one.

      2. Mark .

        Re: Perhaps.....

        You mean, why did johnny-come-lately copy-cat Apple copy the battery symbol that had been used in phones years before they joined the market late?

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