back to article Outback Communities Authority plans NBN extension

The Outback Communities Authority (OCA), a government agency that provides services to remote areas in the Australian State of South Australia, will shortly endorse a strategy to build a wireless network for remote areas of the State. The OCA administers parts of South Australia where, thanks to very low population density, no …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Don't believe a word about economic benefits

    They just want their pr0n delivered more quickly.

    1. Thorne

      Re: Don't believe a word about economic benefits

      Doesn't everybody?

  2. Sam Paton

    I smell a rat

    Are you sure he works for a government agency, he sounds rational, pragmatic and dare I say sensible.

    They'd have you on the cucking-stool for that in Canberra

  3. Paul L Daniels

    Not the real problem they'll face...

    The real problem for them is going to be getting telecommunications approval to actually run their own communications network. I'm willing to bet that as soon as they try to move ahead with creating their own superior service, Telstra, or another corp is going to tangle them up in red-tape and choke their great project until it drops dead, just like the competing services they're not providing already are.

  4. Kevin Maciunas

    /dev/telcos have been beaten before...

    Don't forget that Internode set up Agile to do (close to) this down the length of the "Limestone Coast" as it is now called. That project was pretty much 100% in competition with all the then Telcos.

    So there is hope!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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