back to article Barrall's baby gets bundle of cash for scale-out filer tech

Grid-based scale-out filer storage startup Gridstore has landed $12.5m in funding to expand its sales channels. Gridstor, background here, provides a scale-out filer, the GS100, in a grid – a trademarked kind, called The Grid – using low-cost Atom-powered nodes and VCT (Virtual Controller Technology), which provides simpler …


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  1. Jim O'Reilly

    Object Storage moving forward?

    Object Storage has the potential for being the engine for storage's expected explosive growth. It scales, and as the Gridstone team points out, it can run on inexpensive hardware. The issue has been weak performance. This is the result of a focus on scalability as the way to get both capacity and performance, rather than node performance, per se. If Object Store performance approaches traditional Big Iron storage, while enjoying 'PC' costs, we are likely to see a rerun of the mainframe-to-server evolution in the storage market.

    Gridstone may be a stepping stone (no pun?) to getting more out of each node. I await benchmark publication with my fingers crossed!

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