back to article Fujitsu beams URLs to mobes through your TV

Boffins at Fujitsu Laboratories have come up with a way of embedding digital coupons and URLs in video transmissions, in what could be a brand new way for firms to flog their products and services and engage more closely with their smartphone-toting customers. The patent-pending technology allows for the transmission of …


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  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    Prior Art

    Isn't this just a form of Steganography ?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ....more marketing shit we don't want.

  3. Robert E A Harvey

    Prior cartoon art

    The story arc currently running in the web cartoon Schlock Mercenary had embedded blood-nannies being subverted and re-programmed by low-speed data steganographed into TV pictures. Maybe Fujitsu engineers read web cartoons?

  4. Kevin Fairhurst

    So... will need to run a proprietry app on your device, and point the camera at the screen, and hope that the reflection from the window doesn't mess it up?

    Why not just use a QR code, then?

    Or Chirp, which uses audio and thus doesn't have the issues with reflections?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: So...

      Or maybe not bother at all.

      Some people seem intent on trying to find novel ways of punting rubbish in the consumer's direction, in much the same considered way that spammers promote viagra. The holy grail for marketers seems to have become people's mobile devices: "If we can get our name/web site/coupon on their mobile, they'll be really happy, and reward us with their custom". Personally I want my phone to do what I want, not to be a channel for unrequested e-junk.

      The Fujitsiu bods also seem to overlook that QR codes are here, now, but rarely get used. You see 'em on the underground, but you never, ever see anybody bother to hold up a phone to them. Outside of tech circles people generally do guess that QR codes do something, that it probably involves a smartphone, a web link, and advertising, but beyond that they don't care. And yet they evidently think people are going to opportunistically scan their TV in the hope of finding an invisible link to a web site advertising toothpaste, or a 10p off ecoupon for expensive bog roll?

      Back to the drawing board, lads!

      1. Hardcastle the ancient

        Or maybe not bother at all.

        Oi! I have a patent on that!

        1. Ed_UK

          Re: Or maybe not bother at all.

          "Oi! I have a patent on that!"

          But is it a patent on "not bothering" _on a mobile device_?

          1. Hardcastle the ancient

            Re: Or maybe not bother at all.

            Ah. You might have me there. I didn't bother about what device it was.

  5. Anonymous Coward 101

    More pointless shite

    Note to marketing people: NOBODY CARES

  6. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Isn't this the same way the BBC 'beamed' data to the BBC micro

    Oh, thirty years ago or so?

    And in line with other commentators: is there actually any evidence that people actually *want* more advertising thrown at them?

    And finally - why is it that all these clever bods come up with ideas like these but no-one in broadcasting seems to have managed to have the logical and simple concept of linking programme adverts to the recording function of a PVR - i.e. run the trail, press the COLOUR$ button now automatically to record the series?

    1. Phil O'Sophical Silver badge

      Re: Isn't this the same way the BBC 'beamed' data to the BBC micro

      The BBC system was a blinking dot on the screen, very visible. If I understand this article the idea is that the viewer isn't aware of the extra data beings ent.

      > linking programme adverts to the recording function of a PVR

      What, like the Sky green button "Press green button to add this series to the planner" ? It's been there there for ages.

      1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

        Re: Isn't this the same way the BBC 'beamed' data to the BBC micro

        Ah well, I have a philosophical objection to Sky, 'Tain't there on DTT, as far as I know. Thanks for the clarification.

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  8. Chris Tierney


    I heard that digital cinemas were using this technology as much as 5 years ago to embed meta information into every film shown. This is later used to track pirated films & identify crimbos.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    "Broadcasters could also make available more info on their programmes, including relevant links to associated campaigns or social media pages"

    Oh, what fucking joy

  10. MPT

    Roger Moore pioneered this last week didn't he?

    What happened to a scroll running across the bottom of the screen with a phone number and the price of the goods + vat.

    Seemed to work for SIr Roger last week?

  11. richard 7


    Do it quite unobtrusively with a QR code, yes the QR code globe does scan if you are quick enough.

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