back to article Apple appeals Samsung patent getaway in Tokyo

Apple is appealing a Tokyo ruling that got Samsung off the hook on patent infringement just after the fruity firm won big in the US. A week after Apple's epic infringement win in California, the Tokyo District Court said that Samsung wasn't violating a Cupertino patent for synching music and video data with servers and ordered …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not yet a win

    Can you stop referring to the Apple Samsung case as a win for Apple. They may be in the lead heading into extra time but the final result is not yet in and the ref may well decide it needs to be replayed.

    1. Svein Skogen

      Re: Not yet a win

      It should more precisely be referred to as a loss for consumers and common sense.


      1. gkroog

        Re: Not yet a win

        Then this would be a win for consumers and common sense...which I believe it is :)

        No wonder Apple appealed. They don't like anyone else providing innovation to consumers unless its their product.

    2. henrydddd

      Re: Not yet a win

      It is obvious to me as I see problems with the latest iphones, Apple is far more concerned with being a monopoly than providing a innovative product. This whole insanity has gone on far enough. Governments need to step in and stop this anti-competitive business plan of Apples. As for me, I will never buy an Apple product.

  2. badger31
    Thumb Up

    +1 for Sam-a-rama ding-dong!

  3. gkroog

    I can imagine the appeal exchange:

    Apple: "How can you deny us a win here after we won in California?!"

    Tokyo Court: "What does a ruling in the United States have to do with Japan?"

    Apple: "It should set precedent in all US states..."

    Tokyo Court: "Japan is not a US state..."

    Apple: "Is the court certain of that? And is the court willing to risk...thermonuclear war to prove it?!"

    Tokyo Court: "That red, Apple-shaped button in your brief case isn't even connected to anything! I charge you with contempt of court!"

    Apple: "And I charge you with contempt of Apple!"

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It's a pity google can't dump apple from it's search results

    1. Guus Leeuw

      Dear Sirs,

      Why could the not? Surely google can manipulate the search results...

      Apple -> Search:

      Showing results for "Nexus"

      Search instead for "S3"

      surely, we heard that before somewhere...



  5. Dan Paul

    Great Idea, add Samsung Galaxy SIII to all Apple Search results

    If Samsung is indeed copying Apple, then Google should add Samsung products to all Apple search results if for nothing else, the sheer fun of hearing Appleites heads explode everywhere.

    That latest Samsung commercial in the Apple line always makes me snicker.

  6. dssf

    Looks as if i must cross-post myself....

    More on the debacle: “Will $1 bil. verdict for Apple hold?”

    “Will $1 bil. verdict for Apple hold?”

    “Another lawyer, who requested anonymity due to client matters, said these new issues will be taken up by Samsung’s lawyers and “without a doubt” be used as leverage in a cross-licensing deal on the sidelines.

    “In the end, only the final verdict will have a huge impact but these bits of information that are constantly mentioned are probably being talked about by the lawyers of both firms,” he said.

    He also pointed out that filings by both parties have now gone public, which shows how some of the claims made by Apple’s lawyers were made out of context. “It shows that there never was a direct order from Samsung to its employees to copy the iPhone among some new facts that puts Samsung in a more favorable light,” he said.

    Spokesmen from both firms declined to comment on the matter.”

    1. Steve Todd Silver badge

      Re: Looks as if i must cross-post myself....

      The Korean Times? Obviously a neutral party with no ax to grind then.

      1. esque

        Re: Looks as if i must cross-post myself....

        By that logic, all US media isn't neutral either.

        Or does your argument only apply to one side?

        1. Steve Todd Silver badge

          Re: Looks as if i must cross-post myself....

          I guess you haven't been following the case much then. The Korean Times has been pretty much Samsung's corporate mouthpiece, quoting the party line and unnamed Samsung execs frequently.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Looks as if i must cross-post myself....

        Try Groklaw. PJ takes a balanced approach, looks at it from all sides.

        1. Steve Todd Silver badge

          Re: Looks as if i must cross-post myself....

          Groklaw have been pretty rabidly anti-apple also. If there's any balance there I've not seen it.

  7. Stratman

    What s the point of courts below Supreme level, if their verdicts don't count?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      > What s the point of courts below Supreme level, if their verdicts don't count?

      They filter out the poor people.

    2. Ramazan

      Re: What's the point of courts below Supreme level?

      Before case ascends to the Supreme court level, a lot of lawyers at bottom and middle layers get paid well, that's the point

    3. Steve Todd Silver badge

      The Appeal courts don't have to hear the case

      The lawyers for the loosing side present their grounds for appeal and the Appeal court considers this along with the trial transcript. They can decide that there's no case and reject the request.

  8. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    How to save time and money in patent court cases

    Company A accuses Company S of patent infringement. Or vice versa.

    Judge flips coin.

    Loser appeals and goes to "proper" court from which there is no appeal.

    There does seem to be little point in going to anything other than the "top" court straight away since almost every case is appealed upwards until it reaches whatever the local equivalent of the "top"court is.

  9. This post has been deleted by its author

  10. Ramazan
    Paris Hilton

    Does Tokyo District Court try to repay Japan's debts to Korea (for Japan's war crimes against Korean people) in this way?

  11. ContentsMayVary

    Apple crumble time in the UK at least...

    "Apple has lost its appeal against a UK ruling that Samsung had not copied the design of its iPad."

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