back to article Got loads of old databases clogging up your company's storage?

Delphix is a start-up whose software technology effectively makes a copy of a database, such as Oracle 10, and then presents virtualised instances of it for test and development, recovery or any other purpose. It's generally thought there can be 10, possibly 20 or even more copies of production databases scattered throughout …


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  1. Marco van de Voort


    Does it work with Pascal?

  2. Alfred Loo

    Some production database fields are not meant for human eyes. Data confidentiality, patient info etc. How does Delphix shields this in the staging environment?

  3. Ausstorageguy

    Hang on... Snapshots anyone?

    So, from reading the info from their website, it appears to make a compressed clone of the DB and then present R/W snapshots for each database.

    How is this different to virtually any of the major storage hardware vendors snapshots out there, other than putting the snapshot in front of the the storage array; rather than using the array's clever bits to do the work and aleviate the hosts and storage network of excess workload?

    It's just doesn't seem any different to PIT, RoW or Journaling offereings by the likes of EMC, NetApp, IBM or anyone else really.

    But good on them for trying.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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