back to article Apple hires top Amazon search exec to take over Siri

Apple has reportedly nicked top Amazon exec and search maestro William Stasior to head up its Siri division. Adam Cheyer, who co-founded Siri before it was slurped by Apple in 2008, and CEO Dag Kittlaus both left the company in the last two years, leaving an empty spot at the helm. Stasior will step in to run the fruity firm's …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Apple getting into search in a big way now?

    Maybe they should rip off Google's search system as payback for Android.

    1. g e


      Well they can't do a worse job than 'ripping off' google maps

      Can they?

      1. The Wegie

        Re: LOL

        You ever tried to use the search system on Amazon lately?


  2. Ralph B

    Amazon search exec?

    Hey, Tim, I know these big tech firms are sometimes tough to tell apart, but Amazon is one selling books, and Google is the one doing search. Did you get them mixed up?

    (I suppose it might be deliberate though. They did hire the guy from Dixons to run Apple retail.)

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: Amazon search exec?

      Amazon is a bloody big retailer, and funnily enough they have a search system to allow users to find what they might want to buy.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    " it might like to throw Mountain View's Search after it"

    Come on, you know and we know this, in the short or even medium term is simply not possible. However, it will provoke a flurry of responses (like this one).

  4. Simon 4

    Can only make it worse

    Amazon's search engine is terrible!

    You select 'Only Prime' and it shows you a load of other stuff.

    You type in a very specific search query and it shows you a load of other stuff.

    You select 'price from low to high' and the prices are all over the place.

    How is this supposed to improve Siri?

    1. Mark .

      Re: Can only make it worse

      And another problem is that if you sort by anything other than relevance, you find all sorts of things that you're clearly not after, because they show up in the same search results. Most often happens when sorting by price low->high, because you then get all of the cheap accessories. If I want to shop for hard drives, that doesn't mean I want to wade through 10 pages of cheap cables and cases, even if they are for hard disks.

      Not sure why "company hires someone" is newsworthy though. Another Apple press release masquerading as news.

    2. Richard 120

      Re: Can only make it worse

      I worked out why the low to high price ordering is crap, it's because it's not based on the Amazon price, or even the primary partner price, it's based on the lowest price of any seller.

      That includes new and used.

      Some of which have low prices, but extortionate postage costs (it's another way of reducing the consumers rights of return) or the used items are less than half the price of something new, but still the search puts them ahead of the others.

      So there's logic there, it's not particularly useful logic, it could do with some additional options (like including the P&P in the price and excluding used items)

      I do agree that Amazon search isn't the best there is available, it's not the worst though at least it works to a degree, some searches just don't work at all.

  5. toadwarrior

    Amazon's searxch does exactly what they want. They're like any other shop in that they don't want you to find exactly what you want on a generic search. You need to see other things so you buy them too.

    But if you search for something specific it finds it straight away and the auto suggest picks the right category options to filter it down. It's not that hard to use if you use it right.

  6. Robert Grant

    Voice recognition fail?

    "Siri, what is the time?"

    "Hiring William Stasior to fix me at a ridiculous salary."

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What, no Statsi jokes

    See title.

  8. Tom 35

    Will it have sugestions like Amazon

    You requested info about Tea Party events, you may also be interested in the gay sex bath house.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Uh, this says nothing about Apple doing their own search

    I suspect this is more about his experience heading up the huge infrastructure required to support search at a firm like Amazon. Which Apple has and perhaps needs help with for their huge infrastructure supporting Siri and iCloud.

    Claiming this hire means Apple is going into search is like that hiring an exec from Citibank would mean Apple was planning on becoming a bank.

  10. David Paul Morgan

    Alta Vista

    Aren't the Alta Vista algorithms being used in Symantec Enterprise Vault search?

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