back to article NZ blogger names source for data leak tipoff

Blogger Keith Ng, who went public over the deeply-careless kiosk implementation in New Zealand’s Ministry of Social Development job-seeker kiosks, has named the man that gave him the tip-off as Ira Bailey. The revelation, which Ng writes was made with Bailey’s permission, adds a certain spice to the story, since Bailey is an …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Maybe I should saddle up..

    .. the last time I secured a whole government it also came from left field. And it's *still* in place (survived several administrations)..

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Associating him with a terrorist group

    is a very cheap way to discredit any sincerity the guy had in identifying the exposed network flaw.

    Was it his duty to report the security flaw internally for no credit? I don't know...but he may have felt it would have been swept under the carpet or worse ignored again.

    1. Your Opinion Matters
      IT Angle

      Re: Associating him with a terrorist group

      Bingo, those who approach government to solve these sorts of issues end up going nowhere as successive layers of bureaucrats play pass the parcel of blame.

      At least this is out, in public and the story gets told by those who know the most about how bad it is, rather than those who want to minimise the damage to their well paid bottoms.

  3. sueme2


    In what way does he owe them? The dickheads knew their kiosks were insecure months ago. These people should be shown the door, fast. This blame game is BS.

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