back to article Experts split over regulation for bounty-hunting bug sniffers

Security researchers attending the RSA Europe conference are split over regulating the controversial exploit vulnerability marketplace. In recent years several vendors, including Google, Firefox and later Facebook and PayPal have offered bug bounties for security researchers who find flaws in their products or services. …


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  1. LordHighFixer

    Back in the day

    when I was learning to program we were taught that 10% of the work was actually writing the application. The other 90% was making it fool proof. Granted the world continues to make better fools, we should just stop letting them write applications. At that point none of this would be necessary.

  2. YetAnotherLocksmith Silver badge

    Politicians, eh?

    So getting the pork barrel politicians in will help? I suspect it will just make the rates go up dramatically, and drive the market to become more developed.

    Whether that is good or bad, who can tell?

  3. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Big Brother

    Bad money drives out the good, etc.

    Note to "regulators":

    You can only "regulate" what you can actually SEE.

    And even then, "regulation" is generally abysmal, counterproductive, uneconomical, unethical and probably transforming the "seen" into the "unseen".

  4. Arrrggghh-otron

    "Politicians will inevitably get involved"

    That is possibly the single most depressing sentence I have ever read...

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