Android printing - a fail

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  1. HKmk23

    Android printing - a fail

    It would appear to impossible to find a way in which to simply print via local wifi from an android device.

    There are a lot of "apps" which either suggest cloud printing or printing through a local pc, but nobody can just connect to a local network.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Android printing - a fail

      The Android app from Epson that talks directly to their wireless printers works very well.

      Note that they also do wireless scanner / printer drivers for Linux. One of the very few that bother.

    2. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Android printing - a fail

      Further to that last, it seems to be the proprietary boys taking the lead here.

      I just took possesion of a shiny, new Acer Iconia Tab A510. One of the things that came with it[1] is "Acer print", which also happily tied itself to my wireless printer.

      That one seems to be generic. It may be worth seeing if you can track it down and run it on a non-Acer device too.......

      [1] Odd thing about this beastie, much of the bundled Acer-specific stuff is actually useful. Top marks to Acer for providing useful enhancements with their toys rather than the usual pointless cruft.

    3. popclassic

      Re: Android printing - a fail

      Hi, try the printershare app.Can be used without paying to make sure it will work with your printer. Then when happy can purchase the key.

  2. NickJohnson

    You need an app that can connect you to local network for print for android device.....

    M I got u right?

    1. mightytravels

      I tried that too without success. I'd love to have a good printing app when I travel. Torsten @

  3. Phil W

    Unfortunately there is no standard way to do this, it really depends on the make and model of your printer. I've just bought a Canon Pixma series printer for which they do an Android app that works very well and allows printing and scanning.

    As mentioned above Epson do some printers which they have an app for.

  4. stockbrokers

    First you have to check your software of your is it compatible with your device? Then you have to check the hardware problem.

  5. ria321

    Re: Android printing - a fail

    The first iteration of Google’s Cloud Print app for Android is very easy-to-use, but delivers only the barebones of what you need to print from your phone or tablet. Key features for advanced users are missing such as sharing printers and other device management features. So if you are a fan of some of the longstanding third-party Cloud Print apps, Google’s new app is sure to disappoint.

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