back to article IBM takes on Oracle with PureData appliances

Big Blue is getting sick of Larry Ellison taking up all of the oxygen in the data center when it comes to appliance servers tuned for specific workloads, and so it is expanding its line of PureSystems preconfigured machines with a family of boxes called PureData that take on some of the same work that Oracle is chasing with its …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Project Troy

    You've got to admire IBM for keeping this project name as well as a straight face when introducing one of these machines into their customer's datacenters :)

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    A bit of a case of "Anything Larry can do, we can do too... it's just we have to use DB2". Sorry, but that doesn't quite have the same appeal as Larry's DB. What is going to make me switch from Larry's walled garden to Big Blue's? When Larry is tempting customers up the gardenpath to Lockin Cottage with Exadata the salespitch is all around Oracle DB made easy. DB2 and easy just don't go together. Now, if it was based on PostgreSQL, that might be interesting.

    1. flashdba

      Re: <Yawn>

      Maybe it's to tempt people who think the grass is always greener... I mean blue-er. Or redder. Oh whatever...

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