back to article Big Data skills gap needs filling says tech industry

Concern is growing in the US technology industry about a skills gap in education and training in the field of data analysis. "Last 50 years arguably have been about computer science," said Jeremy Burton, VP of product operations for EMC, during his Monday keynote at Oracle OpenWorld. "The next 50 years are going to be about …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    So the difference between CIO and CDO is ...

    ... what, exactly?

    Sacrificial sheep & sacrificial goats all end up DOA ;-)

  2. Gordon 10

    Big Data Myth

    Isnt Big Data just replacing the wisdom of the Crowd with the wisdom of the Cloud?

    Bad analogy but half the Big Data advocates seem to be those who were spouting Web2.0-arhea a few years back. There seems to be a major assumption with big data that just because its now possible to collect and store this data we can and should be doing so. There is little or no attempt to sort it for relevance and REAL meaning.

    For every google where every user transaction tracked is another advertising dollar earned it makes sense.

    For most big enterprises if they didnt identify their key kpi's and metrics years ago - they dont deserve to be in business.

    Human beings are utterly shit at detecting meaningful patterns from large datasets - often they see things that arent there as the brain searches for order amongst chaos. All the data visualisation in the world doesnt change that.

    Even after all these years Big Data still has the smell of the Emperors new clothes about it......

    Still - if someone wants to pay me to deal with it - bring it on! :)

    1. Christian Berger

      Re: Big Data Myth

      Of course there is some hype, however with enought data you can see corelations. And corelations can hint causality. Most of it will, however just be hype.

      1. Grikath

        Re: Big Data Myth

        That is just..painful to read..

        But no. More data does not more sense make. Correlation there must be before be seen it can be, mmhh? Correct sample from data correlation show will. For correlation presumption is, to be proven by presence of data. /yoda I'll leave the statistics up to the students.

        Incidentally, the people that are *really* good with Big Data have a high likelyhood not being in the "correct" occupations and of the inclination to work for companies trying to commercialise it. By their nature they've already seen through the Rat Race and have gone off to do something that actually interests them..

        Boffin icon, because a HR drone doing the primary selection would not even know what to look for.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Uhmm Not exactly... Re: Big Data Myth

          The actual logic behind Big Data is that with more data, I can make better decisions using simpler algorithms rather than rely on less data and more complex algorithms.

          And this does prove itself out in the real world in many businesses.

          I do agree that there is a lot more hype by the big companies trying to sell your company kit and software, yet there is some validity that its possible to capture value from data which was once thought to be trash.

          You know the old saying... one man's trash is another man's treasure.

  3. Whitter

    Alternative take

    Or maybe it means that business people just aren't up to it?

    Perhaps we should stop letting the monkeys turn the handle.

  4. Mudslinger

    "There are millions of technical jobs in the US market going unfilled,"

    Of course there are. Millions.

    I don't suppose they have jobcentres in the US but if they did there would be only McJobs advertised, just like in the UK

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    848 PB sounds low

    There is one NOAA site that produces about 1 to 2 PBs a month and they have years worth of data on tape. So 848 PB sounds low or there aren't that many sites generating huge amounts of data.

  6. JasonSprenger

    Career and technical education

    Skills gaps are definitely emerging in the American economy, and career and technical education (CTE) programming should be part of the discussion for how to fix them. CTE is known and has been proven to boost student achievement and improve their career prospects, as well as curb those emerging skills gaps.

    The Industry Workforce Needs Council is a new organization helping to advocate for more CTE programs like this, as a means to ensure businesses remain able to find and hire qualified workers well into the future. For more information, or to join the effort, visit

  7. Margaux

    Skills and Tools Needed for Big Data Management

    Managing data is different from storing data. When storing data, we use computer software programs, machines and computer-operated engines. But managing data needs more than a chain of computer programs. It needs humans - those who have the skills and passion to analyze oversized data. They should use the best data analytic tools to keep up with the growing demands of data management.

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