back to article Ellison says Oracle eats own dogfood for cloud apps

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison says one of the top advantages of his company's newly announced cloudy application suite is that Oracle uses all of its own technology to build and deploy its cloud apps, and it allows its customers to do the same. "Oracle owns Java, the most popular programming language in the world," Ellison told the …


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  1. solidsoup

    One man's treasure...

    I'm not so sure that being dependent on Oracle in every single operational aspect is as a big a selling point as Larry thinks. Oracle has a certain reputation. Their modus operandi can be described quite succinctly: lock in, rip off.

    1. Robert Grant Silver badge

      Re: One man's treasure...

      True, but it is good that they build on their own tools. I honestly never thought I'd compliment Oracle, ever, but that is a good thing.

      Plus anything that means I never have to look at another rubbish Oracle installer again can only be a good thing...

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